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By: Prosep  09-12-2011
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Customized Process Solutions

ProSep provides customized process solutions for the upstream oil & gas industry. We specialize in customized or proprietary internals, scrubbing and demisting, gas sweetening membranes, primary separation, crude oil dehydration and desalting, produced water treatment systems, and compact deoxygenation & injection systems. To address the industry's increasing production challenges, our process engineering experts located in Norway have developed a line of gas, crude and produced water systems based on efficient and innovative mass transfer processes. One of these solutions, the CTour, has become a step change technology in the Norwegian Continental Shelf where it is helping producers achieve zero-discharge regulation. The CTour already polishes 2/3 of the produced water in that region of the North-Sea.

ProSep is recognized globally as a provider of innovative and efficient processing solutions to the upstream oil and gas industry. Many of our proprietary products have been developed with the help of National Oil Companies, under the umbrella of Joint-Industry-Partnerships.
    • For removal of CO2, H2S, and H2O from natural gas, ProSep's membrane technology provides the upstream oil and gas industry with an easy-to-install, easy-to-operate, flexible, environmentally friendly, cost-effective solution.
    • Our proprietary H2S scavenging technology is used to completely remove small amounts of H2S from gas or liquid.
    • Our Compact Alkanolamine Process (CAP) technology can be used for the removal of H2S up to 50 ppm with any amount of CO2, preferably higher than 1%.
  • Compact Separation (Internals ICD, SI, IVD, DC)ProSep offers leading-edge internals for vertical and horizontal separators, gas scrubbers, and produced water degassers.
  •  (Separators, FWKO, Electrostatic Dehydration / Desalting, ProSalt..)We offer onshore / offshore highly efficient upstream oil processing solutions.
    • ProSep can provide two-phase and three-phase separators customized to your needs.
    • We offer equipment based on empirical designs developed over 50 years of applied data collection.
    • Our thermal treaters combine both heating and coalescing capabilities in one efficient process unit.
    • ProSep's horizontal flow pattern allows us to employ our unique vertical grid design in our dehydration systems.
    • We provide simple dehydration up to multiple stages of dehydration with dilution water injections for desalting.
    • ProSalt is an improvement in mass transfer that increases the dilution water efficiency.
  • Chemical Injection (ProMix)ProSep has developed a highly efficient proprietary injection and mixing system that rivals conventional valves, quills and other proprietary mixing offerings. This method is the basis for most of our proprietary technologies that are environmentally friendly by significantly reducing the consumption of chemicals and fresh water while reducing pressure drops.
We welcome your interest in what the ProSep team can do for your processing equipment package needs. We partner with a range of clients, small to large, to provide optimum, cost-effective process solutions.ProSep is closely involved in all aspects of your project, starting with process evaluation / integration, followed by detailed process and mechanical engineering & design, through complete fabrication, assembly, testing, commissioning, and post-commissioning operations service. We see you all the way throughout the life of your equipment.
  • Process Evaluation / Integration: Partner with us to determine your requirements and fit appropriate process equipment packages into your overall process.
  • Pilot and Performance Testing: Our technical expertise and proven methodology are fundamental during pilot testing in the process evaluation stage as well as performance testing in the operations phase, and everywhere in between.
  • Project Execution: As the main staple of our business, our project execution model succeeds in exceeding client expectations and delivering the highest standards of quality on time and within the project budget.
  • Operations: ProSep provides a smooth transition in the installation, commissioning, testing, training, and start-up operation of equipment at the site.
Process Evaluation
Field Testing
Leading-edge pilot and performance testing.ProSep personnel can assist in the implementation of pilot and performance tests. We offer pilot testing in a controlled environment to help size and predict the performance of your equipment package. Our performance testing is reliable and informative, based on many years of supplying customers with process equipment performance guarantees.
Project Execution
The industry's key success factor.
Project Management
Project scope and schedule are priority items for the ProSep team as soon as a client awards us a project. For each project, we designate a project manager who will have a significant responsibility - to ensure the client order is safely completed to client expectations, to high standards of quality and on-time delivery. The designated project manager is the focal point of communication and coordination throughout the project and is responsible for the coordination and control of all project activities and expenditures, including finalization of process designs, development of mechanical designs, detailed engineering, equipment specification and procurement, equipment fabrication and assembly, testing, shipping, installation (if applicable), and commissioning.Since the ability of our project managers to successfully fulfill this responsibility directly affects our company's reputation, our culture is one of unwavering support to these project managers.
Quality Assurance
In-house inspection / fabrication personnel will be used by the project manager to provide direct quality control of fabrication activities. These activities at a minimum include material verification, fit-up, weld inspection, NDE verification, hydro test witness, dimensional accuracy verification, and assembly inspection. The project manager will also use inspection / fabrication personnel to assist with fabrication schedule expediting, equipment assembly supervision, or other duties involving fabrication sub-contractors.ProSep is certified ISO 9001, and for each project, the Company follows the protocols set forth in this certification. ProSep is also Achilles JQS certified in Norway and Denmark and FPAL certified in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands. For each project, ProSep's design plan describes how the product design engineering will be accomplished and verified prior to purchasing and fabrication. Our detailed Inspection and Test Plan is incorporated into the overall project Quality Plan which is comprised, at a minimum, of the following:
  • Project Organization Chart
  • Quality Objectives
  • Procedures, Methods, and Work Instructions
  • Testing, Inspection, and Examination Activities
  • Project Schedule
Origin of Goods
ProSep's assembly / fabrication model, which includes project management and fabrication management expertise, affords our customers the flexibility of manufacturing and executing where (locally or abroad) it provides the maximum overall benefit to the client and overall project. For equipment supplied out of Houston, the equipment will typically be assembled at ProSep's assembly / fabrication shop in Houston, TX (less than 1.5 miles from ProSep offices).

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