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By: Projectone Solutions  09-12-2011
Keywords: Phone Applications

Our technology is based on a powerful framework designed to create phone applications quickly.  It's also designed to re-use layers of proven features.  With each new layer of functionality, new phone applications leverage lower level features.  Thus, concentrating on the higher level challenge to be solved or unique combination of features needed for perfect customization.

One way to describe the technology is to imagine LEGO blocks.  Imagine building a house with LEGO blocks, one by one.  You can build whatever house you want.  It's time consuming but you can customize it to your liking.  Now imagine having basic building blocks and pre-constructed bigger blocks that were formed by using smaller ones.  Whenever you want a standard roof you can use the already constructed roof- the bigger block.  You can also use the smaller ones to customize the exact door you want.  In this case, you gain the affordability of pre-constructed bigger blocks AND the endless possibilities of customizing the rest of the house with the smaller ones. 

Now imagine multi-layers of different sized blocks.  The basic small ones can be used to build anything but they take more time - everything is a construction from scratch.  The larger the blocks, the more that specific construction is pre-built - like a door, roof or window.   Our framework and its "blocks" allow the best of both worlds - affordability of standard off-the-shelf features and the ability to create new features or customize.  This is the only way to achieve perfect customization and affordability.

Keywords: Phone Applications

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