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By: Poppizzaz  09-12-2011
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Portraits from photos with an abstract touch

Paintings are done using digital images combined with the traditional method of using oils on canvas

People are people, but faces are a different story. Faces are the entire universe in that one small fist sized globe

Come to think of it, how would one like to decorate their homes? Would they like lifeless, strange objects in their kitchen, their drawing room and their bedroom, or would they like something that harks back to them about their memories, and people who made those memories become possible?

Abstract Oil painting portraits are a great way to take a chunk out of a person’s life and present it to them in the form of personalized photo gifts.

An oil painting portrait can be created from any type of photo or material. It can be the photo of a near and dear one, or of a strong figure in a person’s life, or even the person’s pet!

Abstract portraits from photos are a critical and detailed art, and not many are able to achieve the sense and level of perfection that would allow their work to be hung in a house. Pop Pizzaz offers some of the greatest quality and creative portraits from photos in Abstract style, something that would add a lively and memorable touch to even the classiest of houses. A rich blend of digital and oils on canvas makes this a unique style at PopPizzaz. Backgrounds and details include Abstract, brush stroke, lunar and sandy texture. We can be as creative as you want. Abstract oil painting portraits can look extremely stupid, or very good – depending on the ability and talents of the creator. At Pop Pizzaz, extreme care is taken to use the best resources and talents to create the best house decorations that you can have.

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Keywords: oil painting, Oil Painting Portrait, Oil Painting Portraits, photos, Portraits From Photos

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The love and demand for things from the 50’s or the 60’s be it funky jackets, big sunglasses, retro music or retro popart, never ceases to exist.At PopPizzaz we pay tribute to this amazing art form by converting any existing photograph into an attractive frame worthy retro pop painting.


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Believe it or not this style came to me as I was watching Scooby doo, yes that loveable dog with his owner Shaggy. Customers enjoy doing pet portraits in this style as well as couples and children. Darker colors and less pronounced tones are visible in these pop art portraits. I envisioned creating a style that had a seventies feeling to it.


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Let are artists create a painting that has a plethora of color that would look fantastic in any home or office. Unlike the other styles that are done digitally an Oil Painting portrait is done by artists using real oils. An Oil Painting portrait with or without texture can be purchased at Poppizzaz.


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Both human and Pet portraits in cartoon style can include a caption of him or her speaking. A cartoon image of a couple on a honeymoon with a romantic caption is a fantastic idea. Now you can cartoon yourself or a loved one in this custom portrait style. We can all relate to our favorite cartoon character growing up. Personalized photo gifts in this style is a great idea. The second most popular style at Poppizzaz.


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Unlike other artists mastering in oil painting portraits Warhol used silk screening with inks to create his masterpieces. His pop art portraits included the coolest starts of his day as well as every day objects like soups cans. Colors in this section are bright and vibrant and Can be done 1 one panel or multi panel format. Both people and pet portraits done is a Warhol style will be adored by the whole family.


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Our Caricature artists highlight distinguished features on a person in a subtle yet funny way. A caricature style done by Poppizzaz would make for a unforgettable unique present. Do you or the person who is receiving this custom portrait have a sense of humour. Remember portraits from photos turned into custom pop art is supposed to be fun. What better way embraces this then our caricature style.