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By: Petrovalue  09-12-2011
Keywords: Quality Fuels

Petrovalue strives to provide you with high quality fuels at very affordable prices.

 Petrovalue also sells a wide range of diesel to various industries. If you need fuel in drums wholesale please contact our sales team who can help you.

We provide the following kinds of diesel:

Dyed / Marked, Clear, Marine, Arctic, Biodiesel: B2, B5, B20, B100

Keywords: Quality Fuels

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AvGas (100LL) | PetroValue

Note that only the planes that have received special approval (STC - Supplemental Type Certificate, FAA, or STA - Supplementary Type Approval from Transport Canada) may use an alternative fuel such as motor gasoline. Although the standard for AvGas 80 allows a low level of tetraethyl lead, certain mixtures of this type of fuel were actually made without lead, so they were "fully unleaded.


Jet A and Jet A-1

Certain aircraft without fuel system heaters require FSII be properly blended into the fuel to prevent free water from freezing in the fuel system, which could cause blockage of filters and fine passges by the formation of ice cystals. Because static electrical charges can build up in fuels moving through fuel systems, particularly through filters, SDA can be added to jet fuels to increase the electrical conductivity of the fuel.


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Jet B-DI PetroValue also offers Jet B-DI, which is the Jet B with the Anti-icing of the fuel system (also known as "Prist" or "FSII" and sometimes called defroster, but not to be confused with de-icing fluids used to remove ice from aircraft wings!). The military version of Jet B is called NATO F-40, and contains the same two additives that NATO F-34: Anti-icing system of fuel and corrosion inhibitor.


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PetroValue strives to provide you with the fuel and fuel-related products of superior quality at more affordable prices - please call a sales centre near you to discuss your fuel storage needs. PetroValue tries hard to bring you the best quality of Jet A-1 at very accessible prices for all your fixed or rotary wing needs.