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By: Nstein  09-12-2011

Large, information-rich organizations are facing content overload. Unstructured data gets trapped in silos across departments, making access to knowledge or research difficult, while limiting content repurposing and monetization opportunities. The solution: Semantic & Text Analytics.

By applying a layer of rich, semantically annotated metadata atop content, Nstein can unlock its inherent value, making it more findable, visible, understandable, organized, centralized, and analysis-ready.

Nstein’s technology automatically ingests and analyzes unstructured data, identifying context, meaning, people, categories, entities and even sentiment, returning standardized, interconnected, structured data that can be viewed on a macro or micro level. With its patented algorithm, Nstein creates a "semantic fingerprint" for every asset - for easy identification and association. Ultimately, Nstein identifies nuance and meaning in content, making it ready for various applications, including Nstein's powerful new Semantic Site Search (3S); a multi-index finding engine that returns highly accurate, faceted results.

Other products and services from Nstein


Nstein / Linguistic services

Nstein has a team of dedicated linguists and researchers prepared to offer you analysis, customization, and configuration of your knowledge structures for customized categorization, entity extraction, and segmentation that will help fine-tune your TME installation. Nstein's customized taxonomies are an ideal solution to creating structures that are current and relevant to your content.


Nstein / Services

Nstein understands that decreasing deployment time, customizing software to suit your business needs, assisting you in developing highly targeted taxonomies and offering training to key people are essential practices to reduce risk and improve reward.


Nstein / Home / Web Publishing

Nstein’s powerful Web publishing solutions empower companies to produce & publish intelligent, market-ready material with ease, ensuring that content published on the Web is tuned for maximum ROI. Difficult-to-use systems, create content that doesn’t meet best-practice standards, are the norm rather than the exception. Whether one is publishing content to the Internet or an intranet, issues surrounding Web publishing remain the same.


Nstein / Home / Content Management

A macroscopic understanding of content as well as unprecedented control over its delivery results in major productivity gains as well as a broadening of options for distribution and repurposing. Digital agility means content is ready to be turned around and repurposed at a moment’s notice. Organizations suffer from both a lack of access to and awareness of their content.