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By: North East Breweries  09-12-2011
Keywords: Beer, Gluten Free, malt

HB The  Honey Lager is a unique honey-based, gluten free , brew using dedicated equipment that insures the integrity of the beer. People with celiac sprue who normally cannot tolerate glutens in their diet can enjoy this brew without any risk of discomfort. Nevertheless, the great, refreshing flavor can be enjoyed by anyone. This innovative brew is made with neither barley, nor wheat. The main fermentable is amber honey. Molasses is used for flavor, nutrients and color. Bright golden in color, the taste naturally has notes of honey and hop. Noble hops add a touch of bitterness to balance the honey sweetness.

What can we say about Skull Crusher 10% alcohol, 100% Attitude .

Summer brings fruit and our Ramapo Razz. This mild wheat beer is brewed with natural raspberries. It has a crisp, refreshing flavor that satisfies. Women take to it quite naturally, but even the most macho Rambo-type will find this brew delicious

A generous amount of dark caramel malt gives this brew it's notes of dried fruits and caramel. It's distinct copper color comes from this malt as well. Complex malting aromas and flavors dominate, but it's the Fuggles and East Kent Goldings hops that give this beer a satisfying, and lasting, smooth mellow bitter finish. (Our brewer took license here - the original Copper Ale was a single varietals hop brew using only EKG hops.)

Autumn is the end of the nice weather. We need to celebrate the memories of the year to date and to fortify ourselves for the coming cold. Our Oktoberfest Lager is just the thing! Its amber color and light malty flavor with an alcohol level of ~6.4% ABV will get anyone in a partying frame of mind. The wiess is only wrust if you don't have this beer to go with it!

Among beer aficionados there's an on-going debate about the difference between the styles of porter and stout. At RVB we believe that the line between the two is drawn where the dominant flavor of the brew changes from chocolate (porter) to coffee (stout). "Floor-malted" Maris Otter malt, imported from England , is the base upon which six other malts are added provide the complex richly malty flavor and body to this brew. (One of these malts, brown malt, is a malt style that had been on the brink of extinction.) This recipe is based on a popular London porter recipe from the 1850s, but it's been updated for modern ingredients and palates. Only English East Kent Goldings and Fuggles hops are generously used. This gives it an unrivaled complexity. Sweet, Malty and chocolaty, our porter is also assertively hopped. This is a great beer to go with red meat. 


RVB IPA (Indian Pale Ale) is our offering you the style has a history borne of practicality. The beer, brewed in England , was being exported to British troops in India . It had to be specially brewed to survive the long boat ride around Africa . So to prevent the brew from spoiling, it had to be more alcoholic, more malty and more hoppy. Our IPA is generously hopped and has a firm malty foundation. It's brewed to the American model of IPA which uses domestic hops that tend towards citrus impressions such as grapefruit this deep amber colored beer is made with pale, crystal and Munich malts. This three-pronged malt bill lays a sturdy foundation for gobs of hops. The alcohol level s about 6.5%ABV. We finish this beer with cascade, Chinook, and Amarillo hops resulting in a spicy, citrus, bouquet.

Winter is the time when you can see you breath in the air and frost on the windows. It's also the time when we release our Winter ale. This dark, spicy ale is comfort food in a bottle. It has about 7.3%ABV. Cinnamon, ginger and cloves are some of the spices that give the flavor a cross of warm gingerbread and plum pudding. If you leave one of these out for Santa, beware! He just might go looking for the rest!

Keywords: Beer, Gluten Free, malt