HERMES API. DVR Software Development Kit

By: Norpix  09-12-2011
Keywords: Cameras, Display Images

Want to harness the DVR power capability of StreamPix or TroublePix into your own application? Use HERMES API, a proven reliable API for DVR applications.

HERMES API is our standard low-level library at Norpix. All of our end user software products, such as StreamPix or TroublePix, are developed on top of the HERMES API.

HERMES is a set of C/C++ callable objects and functions that can be added to your own application to handle image capture, image recording and playback, as well as image display and exporting.

Here is a list of some available features when programming with HERMES API:

- .NET now supported

  • .NET wrapper compatible with all CLI languages (Common Language Infrastructure) such as C#, VB.NET and many others.
  • Supports all standard Hermes API functions.
  • Includes 4 demo projects coded in Visual C#.

- Optimized to take advantage of multi-core / multi-CPU architecture, 32 bit or 64 bit Windows OS

  • Set of C/C++ functions and classes.
  • Full control of the image flow within the application: Keep/discard/archive/display.
  • Connect to any of the over one hundred frame grabbers and cameras supported by NorPix.
  • Receive images from the camera.
  • Save images to sequence file ( StreamPix's .seq file format), image files (bmp, jpeg, tiff, png) or movie clip (avi, mov).

- Provides access to time stamping using either computer clock or Irig time or GPS source, or LTC.

  • Playback captured sequence files at various speed.
  • Display images received on a user-defined canvas (device context).
  • Compute frames per second speed.
  • Comes with detailed documentation and demo samples.
  • Can be used with single or multiple cameras.
  • Simultaneously support for multiple identical or different cameras.
  • Set triggering mode from hardware or software based triggering.
  • Work in 8 or 16 bit per channel with monochrome or color images.
  • Perform Bayer interpolation.
  • Modify frame rates as desired.
  • Adjust camera parameters such as gain, brightness, shutter, gamma, hue, saturation, white balance.
  • Set time lapse capture from single or multiple cameras simultaneously.
  • Overlay graphics and text on live or playback video.
  • Save images in tiff, multitiff, jpeg and bmp formats.
  • Automatic or manual white balancing.
  • Real time intra frame JPEG compression to lower sequence file size.
  • Support cameras or frame grabber with embedded JPEG compression.
  • Save camera settings in memory channels and reload them on demand.
  • OEM volume pricing available for run time copies.
  • Bayer conversion / color balance / color mapping.
  • DirectX9 GPU optimized support for full screen image display.

Keywords: Cameras, Display Images

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