Noesis Innovation - System Architecture

By: Noesis Innovation  09-12-2011

Our architects can take care of designing a custom hosting infrastructure for your small or large hosting needs.

We offer hosting services for shared, dedicated, distributed and load-balanced hosting, using physical or virtual servers.

All of our hosting systems are equiped with monitoring systems for the automatic detection of performance, security or functional faults, and are under our surveillance on a 24/7 basis.

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Noesis Innovation - Web Solutions

The CMS integrates a sophisticated content acquisition system that is fully automated and configurable, allowing your portal to populate automatically with content from internal or external providers. Our solution targets small and large scale infrastructures and is suitable for systems that respond to loads from thousands to millions of unique visitors.


Noesis Innovation - Multimedia Solutions

If you sell a wide range of products and do not always have the required space to showcase all of them in a showroom, or if your products support so many configuration options that your customers cannot easily visualize how the options they have selected will fit together, then a virtual catalog can prove to be very useful.