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By: Mettle  09-12-2011

Today, innovation is about much more than new products. It is about reinventing business processes and uncovering entirely new markets that meet untapped customer needs. As new media change the way business is done, it is about gaining a competitive advantage. This requires developing and executing the right concept, paired with the right technology, to get to market in record time.

At Mettle, our knowledge and expertise in the creative process, paired with our technological understanding, can help you with the execution of original ideas. Our ability to organize quickly allows us to formulate and deliver projects that are on target, on budget and that meet or exceed client expectations.

Mettle has been at the forefront of the technological advancements of the past two decades, within our field. We understand the challenges of bringing a product or service to market from the inside out, as we have successfully developed and marketed our own software products. With 20 years of experience working within the creative domain, our clients have benefited from our multi-faceted experience, and drive for excellence. We will bring this expertise to work for you.

Other products and services from Mettle


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FreeForm offers After Effects a huge feature that used to push artists to other systems; no longer must a job go to Flame for what Autodesk calls "extended bicubics," and the result is fully integrated with AE's own 3D camera and lighting system.


Mettle - FreeForm Pro

Generate and animate true 3D text 3D Mesh Warp - Bend and distort on x, y, z Built-in particle system called the Generator Use expressions and trackers on control points 3D displacement mapping Render depth maps - Works in conjunction with other plug-ins, like Trapcode Particular or Lens Blur filters.


Mettle - Products

Generate and animate true 3D text in the AE comp window Works on AE Shape Layers + Layer Masks Easy 3D Deformations - Bend, Bulge & Twist Built in particle system Use 3D displacement maps + filters that ship with AE for spectacular result. This takes versioning to the next level by enabling you to create one animation and then render countless additional animations based on simple changes to the text or the preset.


Mettle - FreeForm V2

FreeForm V2 has two features that give you refined control over the mesh, allowing you to create complicated distortions easily in true 3D space. Choose your rendering level: Full, shade or wireframe, adjust Mesh Subdivision and anti aliasing to lower settings and work fast. Anyone who has tried to distort an image using AE's 2D Mesh Warp has probably given up or settled for an inferior result.