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By: Mettle  09-12-2011
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Free Project Files for use with FreeForm Pro in CS5 +

FreeForm Pro - For After Effects CS5 (+ later) Available For Windows.
ORDER NOW $299.00FAST! FreeForm Pro renders up to 20x faster than the basic version of FreeForm.
See for yourself:Flexible! One plug-in.. multiple uses:
FreeForm Pro is an excellent complement to Mocha Pro for 2D to Stereo 3D conversions. Speed ease of use and the advanced 3D displacment mapping in FreeForm Pro help to bring inredible depth and control to your stereo 3D projects.FreeForm Pro uses Mettle's proprietary 3D engine for lightining fast, high quality renders. This architecture has allowed us to introdcue features that were just not viable before, Create anamzing 3D shape morphs via fmailiar 2D filters a in After Effects FreeForm Pro generates all geometry oin the fly, right in the AE comp window. Download the project files to see just how easy it is to create stunning shape morphs with FreeForm Pro. Take your motion graphics to the next level.
One of the most powerful aspects of After Effects ishow robust their `SDK is and what that allows third party developers to create for AFter Effects. To quote Steve Forde (Senior Product Manager at Adobe,"Thishas fostered and incredible ecosystem surrounding AFter Effects". The creative combination of tools has always intrigued me and I am always fascinated to see how customers use our prodcuts in combination with othe offerings. In this case niside .fr uses Revision FX "re:Flex" + FreeForm to create one of the most impressive and semaless morphing sequences I have ever seen. Re:Flex was used for the body alignments and face morphing while Mettle's Freeform handled all the clothes folding (shirts tearing apart, jacket wrapping and so on..).

" Freeform really proved to be an incredible tool and allowed us to achieve complex 3D deformations under tight deadlines. FreeForm Pro’s ability to handle a lot of surface point while remaining totally interactive allows for a more creative and iterative process, we can experiment and come up with improved solutions which is crucial when speed is the key factor. It is a must have in our tool set for upcoming commercial works."

Morgan Préleur |

"My imagination has been stirred and my mind has been blown. Free Form Pro has finally brought the third dimension to After Effects in a way like never before. It has completely changed the way I approach character animation and environments in After Effects. It has opened a whole new world of possibilities right within my favorite application. No longer do I have to use complex networks of effects, 3D renders from other packages and intricate composites to achieve a seamless sense of depth and character emotion. This changes everything for me and I have only just scratched the surface."

Daniel Gies |
From practical through to artistic applications FreeForm Pro is a creative powerhouse. All that speed and technology results in freedom. Freedom to create, to experiment to attain a new leve l of creativity and spontanaity. Combine and use filters and plug-ins that ship with After Effects or others like you never dreamed possible. Download some of the free project to see just how easy it is. Open up new creative possibilites with FreeFor Pro.
FreeForm Pro uses Mettle's proprietary 3D engine and employs advanced 3D displacement mapping algorithms —similar to that used in movies such as Avatar, The Matrix, Inception etc. FreeForm Pro's rendering allows for a high level of realism. Features include Dpeth renders and Reflection mapping. FreeForm Pro can claim the tightest integration into AE's 3D controls. Work with a familiar U.I. quickly and efficiently.

Ferocious Features:

Generate and animate true 3D text
3D Mesh Warp - Bend and distort on x, y, z
Built-in particle system called the Generator
Use expressions and trackers on control points
3D displacement mapping
Render depth maps
- Works in conjunction with other plug-ins, like Trapcode Particular or Lens Blur filters.
Refection mapping
Exposed Control Points
- For use with Expressions and Trackers.
Shadow Casting
- On itself + instances.
Incredibly fast rendering
- on qualified GPU's
Available Now For Windows | Coming Soon For The Mac
ORDER NOW$299.00

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Keywords: Depth Maps

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