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By: Metaquest  09-12-2011
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Census provides out-of-the-box functionality for , , , , and .

Bug Tracking Web view

Bug Tracking Software / Defect Tracking Software

Coordinating workflow in any development project involves more than just logging bugs. In addition to bugs, you need to track a variety of project-related issues, such as tasks, feature requests, and change notices.

And beyond simply bug tracking and defect tracking, you want to be able to link issues to the associated source code in your version control system, so you know when and why code changed.

You need to replace manual processes with workflow automation so that bugs are automatically managed through their lifecycle. And because development teams are not necessarily centralized, you need to support distributed teams. And finally, you need to close the loop with customers and track their feedback.

Census Bug Tracking software automates the recording, tracking, and management of software and hardware development bugs/defects. It integrates bug tracking with version control to help you manage change throughout the development process.

With Census Bug Tracking software, you can deliver higher-quality products faster, reduce project costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Census is Web-based, so it connects everybody and provides a vital communications link - not only between team members, but between you and your customers.

Support Call Web view

Support Call Tracking

Census includes project templates to record and track support calls from external customers.

Support analysts can log new calls; group leaders can review new calls and assign them to the appropriate analysts; and analysts can investigate, communicate resolutions to customers, and finally, close the calls.

Census allows you to combine call tracking and bug tracking. You can use a single database to:

  • Record and track support calls.
  • Record and track development issues such as defects and feature requests.
  • Convert closed support calls into development issues without having to log a separate issue.

Separate Web views are provided for support staff and for development staff. Each view exposes the relevant fields for either call tracking or bug tracking.

Weekly Timesheet Web view


Timesheet allows you to record and track weekly timesheets. You can track employee time by project, holidays, vacation, and sick days.

Requirements Management

The Requirements project helps in the painstaking task of gathering, documenting, editing, and communicating project requirements.

Bug Tracking Software, Defect Tracking Software, ..

Census is a fully customizable issue tracking system for call tracking, timesheets, enhancements, defect tracking, bug tracking and more.

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