Digital Audio Workstations

By: Mendax  09-12-2011
Keywords: Audio Recording, digital audio, Digital Audio Recording

Working with audio requires plenty of processor power, as the files created and tasks to perform are pretty big. It's most likely that you already have a PC, but perhaps it's not powerful enough for Recording Studio Work or Music-Production. So the best tip to start with is to make sure that you’re using a PC that is up to the job.

That's exactly what Mendax can do for you. We can help you build your own digital Audio Workstation that fit your needs. No matters if your an amateur or a professional with audio recording, Mendax have the necessary knowledge to customize the best hardware solution at the lower price.

Purpose Built
It stands to reason that a computer built for checking your email and browsing the internet may not have what it takes to record a live band for several hours non-stop. Mendax systems are designed and tested for digital audio recording and playback by real-world digital audio professionals.

Quiet computing
We know how important it is to control the amount of noise your computer makes. To this end, we developed a silent solution. Through this combination of fan, power and sound reinforcement materials we can guarantee you that all of our machines will be among the quietest on the market while delivering all the power and stability you require.

Audio Production Optimization

Every component used to build your custom Digital Audio Workstations has been tested and configured to assure maximum performance. We have spent years developing production optimization techniques and will continue to adapt and develop our expertise as new technologies emerge.

Component Balancing

By looking at a system from the standpoint of balance, we can prevent problems and eliminate audio dropouts. How efficiently the components speak to each other becomes much more significant than how fast an individual component is. Over-clocking, high-speed busses, high-speed chipsets, and front-side bus speeds are often touted as "must-have" specs when it's really the sum of these specs that makes a system perform well. It's not how fast your data travels in one part of the system, it's how much data gets through the whole system in a certain amount of time.

All the different component speeds in Rain Recording systems are matched or over-specified to eliminate bottlenecks and enhance performance with less resource utilization, less heat, and consequently less fan noise. That's why a Mendax system will often use much higher CPU resources in a given audio software application.

Factory Restore DVD
Power failure? Virus? You won't have to go through the trouble of reinstalling and setting up your computer because we include a restore DVD and back-up software with every computer we build. If you install any new software on your machine after you receive it, just make your own DVD back up and start from there!

Keywords: Audio Recording, digital audio, Digital Audio Recording

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