By: Mcgill Engineering Undergraduate Society  09-12-2011

Copi-EUS is the EUS's very own copy centre. Copi-EUS provides most standard services you'd expect from a copy centre, including full colour laser printing, black & white printing, binding, assorted paper colours, weights, and textures, and a few other nice touches. Copi-EUS also has a massive collection of course material donated by students for students. Come grab a copy of past midterms to help you study better!

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Other products and services from Mcgill Engineering Undergraduate Society


Common Room

Whether it be Blues' Pub on Friday or dance lessons in the week or studying with friends or watching the big screen TV, the Common Room is open to all engineering students at McGill. The Engineering Common Room is the centre of many a large activity.



The common room, on top of being rentable for small events, is an excellent space to go during the day to study with friends or grab a drink or three or some cooked foods almost every Friday at Blues Pub. Society to offer a copy centre, a general store, an ice cream shop, rentable space. EUS's services help define us as a unique faculty student society on campus. We are one of few to offer services like an ice cream shop or a copy centre.



During the warm summer months and even through the blistering cold of the winter, Frostbite serves up a mean ice cream to distract you from your hard day's work. As per the engineer's typical awesome nature, Frostbite has some deals you can't miss. Frostbite is obviously EUS's own ice cream shop.