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By: Mcgill Daily  09-12-2011

Students may not realize it, but there’s another labour dispute brewing at McGill – one that has nothing to do with MUNACA. McGill’s teaching union, AGSEM, has been in negotiations with the administration over a new contract for TAs since March. Last Friday, after months of stonewalling, the administration presented them with a new offer. [..]

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The children of Outremont were busy, as they always are in summer, scootering down the neighbourhood’s tree-lined streets, or sliding down its wrought-iron banisters. On June 19, 2011, temperatures in Montreal reached the mid-20s.


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Our world is currently sliding down a slippery slope of fossil fuel usage – one that can only end badly. Fossil fuels are substances formed from ancient dead organisms buried underground. Petroleum – also known as crude oil – and natural gas.


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Becoming increasingly popular in the last five years, fantasy sports allow participants pick and manage a virtual team of real athletes.