By: Maxtell Communications  09-12-2011

Maxtell Communications has a series of consultancy services, which can be customized to suit your business needs. They span the life cycle of any project, from the idea stage through planning, into implementation, completion and review. Our consultants have the skills to combine your business objectives with sound, disciplined and successful project management.

Maxtell Communications

Successful organizations depend on the delivery of projects and programs – either as part of their delivery business or to achieve a greater vision.

  • Focus their project portfolio to support their corporate goals

  • Enhance their ability to deliver business as usual

  • Bring out of the ordinary projects within reach

Project Management

We help organizations to:

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Executive and Project Team Coaching

Project Health Checks and Audits

  • Perform project health checks and propose remediations

Project Plans and Project Tracking

  • Develop and update project plans
  • Project plan evaluation and remediation
  • Facilitate planning re-planning sessions to jump-start project teams
  • Establish project control measurements and measurement systems
  • Track and report on project status (cost, schedule, quality, and other)
  • Manage projects beginning at any stage, including beginning new projects and turning-around stalled or troubled projects.

Project Risk Management and Project Communications Management

  • Facilitate risk and communications planning workshops resulting in risk and communication management plans
  • Conduct risk assessments and generate risk plans
  • Conduct communications needs assessments and generate communication plans
  • Establish risk management and communication management methods, systems, and tools
  • Provide ongoing risk management and communication management as part of project control activities

Project Management Office Support

  • Define and implement PMO structure, organizational alignment, skill needs and tool sets, including integration with existing ERM tools and processes
  • Assist in selection and integration of project management tools and applications
  • Help integrate and harmonize project management processes, procedures, tools, and databases across platforms, organizations, and countries,
  • Measure progress against schedule milestones and deliverables, Budget performance, Quality performance against requirements, Risk.

Contractor/Subcontractor Management Develop Statements of Work

  • Negotiate and establish timelines, deliverables and performance criteria
  • Monitor contractor/subcontractor performance

Requirements Management

  • Definition and implementation of requirements management process, systems, and tools
  • Facilitate requirements gathering workshops resulting in written project objectives
  • Critique and remediate project requirements against project scope and work breakdown structure