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By: Mautech  09-12-2011
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Teaching Intellectual Property to Executives and Development Staff

Mautech provides courses tailored to meet the needs of business people who are not necessarily familiar with the world of patents. Some courses are designed for executives and teach best practices in terms of patent strategies, patent timelines, budgeting, and patent value analysis. Other courses are more specifically designed for technical development people. These courses provides participants with information on how to deal with a new innovative concept, how to evaluate its distinctiveness according to prior art and, among other things, what to do if they want to file a patent application. Technical staffs generally show a very high interest in the concepts published in patents. The inventions described in the art documents challenge their creativity and pave the way to real inventions as defined by Law

Seminar on the Effective Application of Intellectual Property in the Context of Product Development

Seminars are designed for corporate executives who need to deal with the strategic aspect of their business and for engineers, designers, and other people involved in the management of intellectual property. The world of patents is demystified using a clear language for most people to understand. An overview of the patent system is presented to give participants the required general information. The analysis of several patents aims at showing participants how a patent is built and how to efficiently deal with it in their day-to-day tasks. Seminars introduce how to usefully integrate information contained in patent documents into the development of a product. Some more advanced seminars even showcase advanced patent and competitive mappings leveraging patent information. Highly specialized mapping tools are used during the seminars to really illustrate to the participants the power of these mapping and the advantage they bring at each level in a corporation.

Patent Application Drafting and Prosecution - Utility and Design

Mautech can help its clients in drafting and prosecuting patent applications for various types of technology. Mautech provides this service for both utility and design patents, directly or through its network of professionals, at a reasonable cost.

Implementation of Intellectual Property Strategies

Mautech provides consulting services to support clients in implementing various intellectual property strategies. Most corporations are aware of patents but only a few fully leverage the value patents could add to a company. We can help corporations, large or small, with the analysis of their needs and the implementation of mechanisms designed to ensure each milestone of the strategy is considered in a timely manner. Each strategy is tailored to properly fit the uniqueness of each client. Mautech has the expertise to deal with corporations operating in different fields of activities.

Design Support for Third Party's Rights Avoidance - Design Around

Mautech can assist you in developing a product by joining your team when desirable. Technical developments usually introduce technical solutions that might infringe existing patents unless they are identified in a timely manner. It is sometimes possible to modify aspects of a product within the development process to overcome the claimed subject matter. We have a good understanding of the business aspect of a corporation, the constraints related to the innovation process and how to use intellectual property to efficiently design around a protected structure or a patented method whenever that is possible.

Patent Portfolio Management and Optimization

Mautech offers its clients to manage their patent portfolio and patent applications. We can also identify and dispose of patents and patent applications that are no longer useful. The clean up of the portfolio reduces the cost of intellectual property, flags patents that could be licensed and ensures that appropriate actions are carried out at the right price.

Monitoring Patent Agent and Law Firm Work

Mautech can act as a "watch dog" on behalf of its clients to ensure the work they give to patent agents and law firms is done properly and that they pay a reasonable price for it. This service provides an evaluation of the relevance and the value of the work performed. We provide objective recommendations that serve our client's interests. When required, we assist our clients in finding patent agents and law firms that are best suited to perform the job for specific technologies and that deliver the best results at a reasonable cost.

Brainstorming Sessions for Patent Improvement of Proprietary Products (or Competitive Products)

This service is one of the most interesting services offered by Mautech. It includes planning and conducting brainstorming sessions with clients. By thinking out of the box from a patent perspective, we work at early definitions of future improvements, which could be patented. Therefore, we can further protect our client or patent improvements that most likely apply to products of a client's competitor. Brainstorming sessions include a number of steps leading to patentable innovative concepts in light of prior art. Brainstorming sessions can be performed as off-site activities to strengthen team spirit as it is a collective activity.

Value Analysis of Patent Portfolios - for Investors

Mautech offers a value analysis service designed to assess the strategic position and the actual value of a patent portfolio. This service is primarily meant for investors using a value investment strategy and who need a good perspective of a company's patent strategy and value before investing.

Patent Mappings

Patent mappings are useful to picture the overall technological landscape and the competitive environment in which our clients operate. Patent maps are visual tools providing a unique perspective. They allow to separate hidden trends from patent data. Maps can display various levels of details depending on the type of information. Patent mappings help executives and the engineering staff to make decisions by picturing the evolution of a specific technology, depicting competitors' behaviors or benchmarking identical technological sectors to discover insights applicable to their business. Patent maps are provided in graphical format and are preferably discussed with the client to better transfer knowledge.

Invention Mining

Invention mining consists of discussions with and questions to clients to identify inventive concepts and methods. Inventions are sometimes not perceived as such from an executive or an engineering point of view as they are defined by Law and not evaluated from logic nor from a technical point of view. For instance, a innovative combination of old technologies could be patentable.

Patent Searches

Mautech can search patent databases. Mautech can also outsource inquiries to be carried out in foreign jurisdictions.

Keywords: Intellectual Property, patent, Product Development

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Les formations visant le personnel technique préconisent une approche davantage centrée sur les aspects technologiques et des échéanciers qui doivent êtres observés pour l'implantation efficace de stratégies permettant de breveter les innovations découlant de leur travail.