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By: Maisonneuve  09-12-2011

by Pasha Malla Do you feel old and out-of-touch? Be thankful you’re not a professional athlete.

Illustration by Gérard DuBois.

When I was twelve and falling in love with NBA basketball, its most exciting players were ten to fifteen years older than me. Then five. Then they were my peers. Now players my age are described as either “seasoned” or “washed up.” During a Phoenix Suns game I attended in 2008, as former all-star and …

by Alex Manley Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs has died at fifty-six.

Photograph by Matt Buchanan.

I grew up with Macintosh computers, back when they were still called Macintoshes; it seems quaint and old-fashioned, now, that they were named after a fruit. The first Apple computer I used was a desktop, with a black-and-white screen that was taller than it was wide, like a sheet of paper. It’s the only one …

by Jeff Warren As researchers explore using psychedelic drugs to treat mental illness, a powerful Amazonian hallucinogen is gaining the most devoted followers of all.

Art by Ruary James Allan.

“If you get into any trouble, try concentrating on your breath. Sometimes the breath is all you have.”

Brian looked concerned, though he also looked weirdly elongated, ­so it was hard to tell what was actually happening. I was on drugs, you see, and not just any drug. Thirty minutes earlier I had gulped back …

by Alex Hutchinson The shrinking online distance between sports fans and their heroes.

by Christine Pountney “Don’t look back,” we chide ourselves. But Christine Pountney has learned to relish her regrets.

Illustration by Ahn Na Lim.

When we leave a place, we often look back. We look back to make sure we have our keys. Our wallet. Did I turn off the stove? Kiss my wife goodbye? Did I leave anything on the subway? My son’s sippy cup? Where the hell is my son’s sippy cup? Whatever needs to …

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