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By: Maisonneuve  09-12-2011

by Melissa Bull The Montreal-born author on his new book, pleasing the French and why “guts are where it’s at.”

Éric McComber, author of La Solde.

I’ve known Éric McComber almost fifteen years. We met in a bar when he was dating a friend of mine. For a while we’d just bump into each other periodically, like the time we ran into each other at a punk circus show I was stage-managing, and I accidentally made his girlfriend …

by Sara McCulloch The author of the short story “Oh, El,” from our Fall issue, on how to trick your imagination into working again.

Zoe Whittall, pictured. Photograph by Kourosh Keshiri.

Whittall herself is similarly difficult to confine to one category. She has written fiction, poetry and book …

by Eric Mutrie Architects play doctor in an exhibit about illness and the built environment.

A view of the CCA exhibition Imperfect Health, including paper “flu” animals by Andy Byers.

by Vanessa Bonneau Author Kathy Dobson on writing like a teenager, staring down poverty and her new Montreal memoir, With a Closed Fist.

by Rahat Kurd Discussions of the Muslim “veil” are usually limited to debates over religion and secularism. What happens when facial covering is elevated to an art?

Beyond civil-liberties battles or disputes among surplus-fabric-inclined Muslims, it’s becoming clear that the face veil has the potential to resonate further, with more complex cultural meaning, when explored through live performance.

Erykah Badu’s black-chiffon-clad performance with Lupe Fiasco at the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta, Georgia on October 11 provides only the most recent example, at once …

by Alex Manley The wit behind the joyfully nerdy web comic Hark! A Vagrant releases a new book.

Kate Beaton, creator of web comic series Hark! A Vagrant.

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I grew up with Macintosh computers, back when they were still called Macintoshes; it seems quaint and old-fashioned, now, that they were named after a fruit. The first Apple computer I used was a desktop, with a black-and-white screen that was taller than it was wide, like a sheet of paper. When I was twelve and falling in love with NBA basketball, its most exciting players were ten to fifteen years older than me.


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Though most of them have been released only as super-limited-edition cassettes, CD-Rs or home videos, and are available only through his personal label, the R. Stevie Moore Cassette Club, a surprising amount of his work has wound up on the internet. By Natasha Li Pickowicz Our favourite video offerings from lo-fi legend R. Stevie Moore, who will speak at the Pop Montreal Symposium on September 23.