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By: M.o. Dagenais & Associates  09-12-2011
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Announcing The Ultimate 52-Week High-Performance Softball Training System That Instantly Gives You Everything You Need To Power Up Your Softball Game!

If you'd like to learn the easiest way in the world for you to add distance to your hits while you add mph to your throws or pitches in just a couple of workouts per week then this is the most important letter you'll ever read..

Not until you've checked out this sensational deal for the Complete and Breakthrough Ultimate 52-Week High-Performance Softball Training System in a MONSTER 500-pages manual containing simply the best and most comprehensive softball workouts on the planet!

..And when you buy your Ultimate 52-Week High-Performance Softball Training System right now, you will also get a free 30-minute phone consultation with me, worth $75!   

But this is a limited time offer so you must act quickly!

Hi, I'm Marc O. Dagenais, a world leading expert on strength and conditioning for softball.

I'm genuinely excited about my new 52-Week High-Performance Softball Training System and how it can transform your game…

With a monster manual that has more than 700 pages, this system is jam packed with every softball training secret and it contains breakthrough, softball-specific detailed workouts for a whole year in addition to an extensive exercise bible - simply everything you need to..

Wake Up The
Athlete That's Been Sleeping Inside You!

If you've ever wondered why some softball players crank out the sweetest line drives down to the fence swing after swing while their teammates (maybe even you) spray their weak grounders and pop-ups won't be wondering any longer..

You'll be smiling as you crush the ball swing after swing dead straight pass the infielders while your teammates are still struggling to hit the ball with any kind of power.. It's easy once you use my High-Performance Softball Training System. And in the next few minutes I'm going to show you how you can tap the motherlode of softball-specific exercises and claim my new Ultimate 52-Week High-Performance Softball Training System to rocket your softball game into overdrive. In this system and this monster manual you'll get..

All Of My Softball Training Secrets
To Quickly And Easily Power Your Hitting,
Add MPH to Your Throws and Pitches..
And Run Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

Let me ask you a question..

Are you tired of playing half the softball game you know you're capable of? You know it's a real shame for you to play average softball when you could be playing many times better almost overnight with my Ultimate 52-Week High-Performance Softball Training System. Numerous testimonials from my leagues of happy clients tell of the fast, almost miraculous leaps they've experienced in their game with my revolutionary, easy-to-use proven softball-specific training programs.

And you'll get every secret, every one of my specially designed programs and exercises in this super system including..

How To Add MPH
To Your Throws and Pitches
Often In Just a Few Weeks!

The 700 + pages monster manual in your Ultimate 52-Week High-Performance Softball Training System will train you to.

Crush the ball like the world’s best hitter and create consistency at the plate so your hit solid rockets on a regular basis..

Stabilize your swing and blast your power beyond all your teammates and opponents. They'll watch on in awe as you power hit swing after swing!

Train your legs, core, and upper body to deliver maximum velocity to your throws and/or pitches

Run faster and be more agile by teaching your nervous system how to recruit your muscles faster and with more power than ever

And the system uses all of the training secrets that the world’s best softball players use to achieve extraordinary performances on a consistent basis!

How To Use
The Astonishing Training Secret
Of The World’s Best Softball Players
To Create Super Power

Imagine the look of pure horror on your opponents’ faces when you use these softball training secrets to crush the ball and throw rockets…

Remember this is a proven program. Hundreds of elite softball players have followed my advice and used my programs with huge success over the years…Like Casey Clutch from Indiana.."Thanks to Marc! I was able to get in peak shape in just a few months. I started Marc's program in the summer 2002 after my freshman year as a Purple Ace. At that point in my career, I was playing in a lot of pain because of a back fracture in high school but thanks to Marc; by the end of the summer, I was feeling great and pitching with no pain. It was truly amazing. I was also able to drop from 24% to 17% of body fat. Every aspect of my game improved and I was invited to Chula Vista for the United States Olympic Softball Team Tryouts. Thanks again Marc!

And Alison Bradley, 2004 and 2008 Olympian..

"My training program from Softball Performance has really helped me to be physically prepared for my sport and everyday life. I am faster, stronger and injury free since committing to this program. Thanks Softball Performance for helping me to get to the top of my game!"

I'll Show You
My Special Exercises Developed Specifically To Keep
You Away From Chronic Injuries Forever!

I'll reveal to you in your monster manual the simple softball-specific exercises that will help end that pain and give you the injury resistance of the world’s best conditioned athletes including..

The #1 simple stretch you must do to keep your back healthy…

The key exercises you can do at home with cheap portable gym equipment to build the muscles around your major joints and reduce or remove your pain - often permanently!

Just a few simple exercises and stretches and you could experience real relief fast like Krissy Chrisztopulosz

"Marc’s expertise, advice and excellent programs have helped get back on my feet after a terrible bus accident that left me unable to play at all. After months of rehabilitation and following Marc’s Program, I was finally able to step back on the softball field in better shape than ever and ready to perform!.”

But there's still more..

Not only will you power up your hits, throw harder, and get rid of pain and injuries..

You'll Also Watch
Your Body Transform Before Your Eyes

Into The Most Amazing Athletic Machine…

As simple and as easy as it is to follow this is a softball FITNESS program and you will get in great shape. You'll see your abs tighten up and your overall body look better than it ever did before!

You'll lose the extra pounds off your waist and see your muscles gain tone. I could go on for pages about the benefits my proven Ultimate 52-Week High-Performance Softball Training System has given to hundreds of softball players just like you.. But why spend another minute reading about this program when you could start doing it? With this easy-to-understand and comprehensive softball training system, it's just so easy to get started. And you'll have your own monster Ultimate 52-Week High-Performance Softball Training Manual that will you exactly to do to get in the best softball shape of your life and dominate the softball field.

It's All There For You
In Your Massive Ultimate 52-Week High-Performance Softball Training System..

It's like having me on call twenty four hours a day seven days a week in your living room ready to show you exactly how to perform every exercise flawlessly - having me whispering the Ultimate 52-Week High-Performance Softball Training System in your ear any time and every time it suits you.

You could buy each softball-specific workouts one by one and even at full price they'd be the best value you'll find anywhere. I know. I've bought all the other softball workouts manual, videos and programs on the market. But since you're getting the best why not get it all at once?This system is a goldmine of information and contains workouts using the same exercises and training methods that the world’s best athletes and softball players use to dominate!  Instead of paying the total retail value of $97 you can claim the monster ultimate 52-week superstar performance softball training system manual for just $29.95.

And there's still one more very special, valuable bonus you can only claim if you act quickly..

Bonus - $75.00 Half Hour Consultation With The World’s Leading Softball Strength and Conditioning Expert Absolutely FREE!

That's right.. as the proud owner of the Ultimate 52-Week High-Performance Softball Training Systemyou will be entitled to a free telephone consultation with me.. my time is limited so this will only be available till my schedule is booked up.

I will give you my special private number which will entitle you to spend up to 30 minutes grilling me on the phone with any questions you have about any aspect of implementing your softball fitness program. (I normally charge up to $150.00 per hour for consulting, so this is at least a $75.00 value).

To claim your Ultimate 52-Week High-Performance Softball Training System and your special bonus at the special bargain price of just $29.95 press the order button below now.

Remember this bonus is for a limited time only.I can only offer my half hour consultation till my calendar is full. I'd hate for you to miss out. Act now by pressing on the order button below and following the simple instructions on the order page.

My Money-back Guarantee

Yours sincerely,

Marc O. Dagenais

P.S. As soon as you order, you’ll be able to instantly download this monster manual and get started right away!  

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Keywords: Softball Players, Softball Training

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