LOC Software - Loyalty

By: Logiciel Loc  09-12-2011

Defined commonly as an allegiance, loyalty means so much more to modern merchants. SMS Loyalty provides more than a common rewards system, it provides the engine to drive profitable growth.

Understanding trends and behaviors is easy with a full featured customer demographics tool. Manage customers with multiple risk and shopper levels, price by tiers, and offer transaction based promotions. Promotions can be based off virtually any field tracked by the system, including total or cumulative sales, item or department or sub-department sales, points or shopper level.

There is more to loyalty than just a card. In fact, SMS can be cardless too. To find out more ways SMS Loyalty can grow profitability, register today.

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LOC Software - Fuel

SMS Fuel provides: pump control from any POS, full or self service operations or a combination, integrated inventory and reporting, price book management, and more. Now with one system, merchants can manage all aspects of a fuel based operation, including in-store, at-the-pump, and food service. All the features a merchants expects are at-the-pump, including prepay and at-the-pump authorization.


LOC Software - Backoffice

From powerful merchandising and inventory control, integrated purchasing and receiving, to business analytics and reporting, Back Office makes profitable retailing possible. From those early roots, SMS Back Office evolved into the most complete, and most versatile, management tool dedicated to retail operations. Single and multi-store users benefit from the toolset that offers total control over the store or enterprise.


LOC Software - Mobility

Receiving and inventory processes can be optimized with direct database connection via Wi-Fi. Mobility in retail provides operational efficiencies and can increase customer service. SMS Mobility provides the platform to utilize mobile technology to its fullest. Smart phones and mobile computers dominate popular and professional culture. Modern merchants are no longer tethered to registers or workstations.


LOC Software - Security

SMS Security also logs every instance and function completed within the system via a searchable electronic journal. SMS Security tools not only lock down cash and data, but also maximize a store?s physical security system. Modern retail systems are expected to do much more than their predecessors. Now merchants can combine video with an overlay of transactional data. SMS Security offers direct interfaces to DVR security systems too.


LOC Software - POS

Combined with a fully customizable touch-based interface, the system easily integrates into existing store processes and procedures. POS lanes are capable of operating even when the network or server is down, providing worry-free transactions processing. SMS Point of Sale provides the security demanded by the industry, and the flexibility required by its merchants.


LOC Software - Enterprise

Imagine one system, the same system, running at the lane, on the receiving mobile computer, in the store back office, at the owner?s home office, at the corporate office, and at the warehouse partner supplying the chain of stores. SMS Enterprise makes it reality. Learn more by registering today.