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By: Lexacom Technologies  09-12-2011
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Lexacoms digital dictation software products embrace the latest advances in information technology to deliver a refined and improved process for dictation management. Forget the analogue tape-based systems of yesteryear. Our cost effective, off-the-shelf solutions offer a number of distinct benefits in the workplace:

  • No need for costly and unreliable cassette tapes
  • Recordings can be made directly onto a networked PC, laptop, PDA or digital recording device
  • Performance editing facilities improve content management
  • Recordings can be individually packaged, labelled and prioritised
  • Recordings can be easily delivered to the designated transcriptionists' PC via disk, e-mail or network
  • Each dictation can be easily tracked through the management system right through to ultimate disposal

All of these benefits are achieved by using our Lexacom Admin® management program. This is simply installed onto the PC network and allows the administrator to define and control the functions of Lexacom Talk® (the program used to record and edit the dictation) or Lexacom Type® (the program used to play back the dictation for transcription) to ensure they suit the working practices of the business or organisation.

By using the powerful Lexacom Admin® tool the administrator can also:

  • Introduce security passwords to control access
  • Add or remove Lexacom Talk® or Lexacom Type® users and se dictation routes
  • Assign typists to user-defined 'pools' and/or individual authors and VIP's
  • Set dictation labels to suit particular professions
  • Define storage criteria and limit archived dictation
  • Name priority labels for dictations ie 'urgent', 'priority' etc
  • Set regular recipient list for some or all Lexacom Talk® users
  • Set global functions for Lexacom Type® users' foot pedals

Thanks to the flexibility of our software, individuals in the workplace can also tailor their copy of Lexacom Talk® or Lexacom Type® to suit their personal preferences.

And to record the performance of the digital dictation system, our Lexacom AuditTM software has been developed to integrate with Lexacom Talk & Type® and offers powerful auditing and reporting capabilities over the entire network.

All of the products in the Lexacom software suite are fully compatible and there is no limit to the number of PCs that can be added to the Lexacom Talk & Type® network - simply register additional licences to increase coverage.

Lexacoms products guarantee a uniquely tailored and highly efficient digital dictation management system that improves workflow management and is suitable for businesses and organisations of all sizes. You won't be disappointed.


System Requirements

Lexacom Talk & Type® program software is installed directly onto each PC on the network - no software runs on the server. It is therefore essential that all PCs comply with our minimum system requirements.These are:

  • Networked PC
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Minimum 128MB RAM recommended
  • Minimum 50 MB free hard disk space

Both Lexacom Talk® and Lexacom Type® require access to a Windows compatible sound card that is installed and configured via Control Panel Settings. If using a Philips SpeechMike II Pro with Lexacom Talk®, a sound card is not required as the device has an integrated sound card solution.

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By using our core skills in technical innovation and problem solving, we have developed a new software platform that can be tailored to meet all of your transcription requirements and will ease the transition from traditional analogue tapes to a modern, efficient and transparent digital system.


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