business intelligence

By: Legasuite  09-12-2011

real-time value and vision.

You need to understand your data in real-time. LegaSuite Insight offers a comprehensive query, reporting and data visualization platform for desktop and Web. With over 140 built-in analytical functions, LegaSuite Insight allows you to gain maximum value from your data quickly and distribute easy-to-use dashboards and reports. Absorb and analyze the data in your choice of output formats, including Flash, XML, HTML, Microsoft Excel (CSV & XLS), and PDF.

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Our Professional Services consultants can help you assess your business needs, create a best practices strategy, and deploy technology to maximize the value of your LegaSuite investment. Our Professional Services team of global professionals has proven track records, first-hand knowledge, and a passion to ensure your success.


gui and web enablement

Don’t take on the risk, cost, and time of porting code to another platform or buying an off-the-shelf solution with only some of what you need. Get more mileage from the IBM i, mainframe, and UNIX applications you already have.


functional testing

You can manage checkpoints, apply ignore or include regions, check runtime duration, and perform many other tasks. The Post-Processing Dashboard displays test results in an easy-to-understand format. All test results can be stored in Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, or MySQL. Your test history is always available for review.


SOA Integration and Web services

Don't spend time, money, and resources re-creating business application functions in Java or .NET simply because your back office applications don't natively support Web services. It's faster, cheaper, and simpler to leverage your current mainframe, IBM i, UNIX, and client/server applications in any service-oriented architecture with LegaSuite. Turn any application function set into SOA interfaces.