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By: Lanterna Magica  09-12-2011
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What it does

With our complete Indexing Service, just snap your fingers and you have a comprehensive video library online, on-site and ready to go. Your library is stored on your premises and includes content descriptions, time codes and physical media identifiers, as well as the software to search for and play content. It's a truly turnkey system.

Plus, with our Indexing Service, you can put your video material to new use: resale, repackaging or redistribution. The possibilities are endless.


Save time: Stop searching and start finding. Locate material by date, TV series, person, location, action or emotion keyword and more.

Exploit your video assets: Repackage, resell or redistribute them to generate new revenue.

Create new revenue streams: Associate targeted ads with clips for powerful relationship marketing.

Share the wealth: Make your library available online, publicly or strictly for your staff.

Tailor your library: High-level or fine shot-level indexing, closed-caption indexing, low- or high-resolution…it all depends on your needs.

It's volume-based: Choose the plan that matches your volume and upgrade as your indexing needs grow.

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Keywords: Video, Video Library

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A video index contains all information related to productions and clips within productions, including the actual video, start and end time codes, thumbnail images, text descriptions and physical media identifiers. Lanterna Magica?s Reality suite of products simplifies and accelerates the production of unscripted TV shows, such as reality TV or sports events, by providing live indexing and Web-based pre-editing.


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Fast off-line indexing: Finality lets you describe video content in a flash: play the video, shuttle, mark segments of interest in and out, enter descriptions in full text down to the required level of detail and copy and paste descriptions between segments. Timeline view: Video segments are shown using a timeline view so that an entire production's index can be assessed at a glance.


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Installée dans vos bureaux, elle contient la description du contenu, les codes temporels et les identificateurs de support physique, ainsi que le logiciel vous permettant de repérer et de visionner vos séquences. Et, avec notre service d'indexation, vous pourrez également donner une nouvelle vie à vos actifs vidéo par la revente, la réutilisation et la redistribution.


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Reality-2-Go then lets you search, play, pre-edit and email links to stories, all from a Web browser. Reality-2-Go lets you describe video material live, in real time, on a portable platform. This lightweight indexing solution is perfect for remote, in-the-field shoots. Save time by indexing your remote shoots in real time.


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