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By: Kaag Fishing  09-12-2011
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Successfully tested by more than 300 hundred fishermen members of the North American Fishing Club (NAFC) - more than 550 000 members in USA and Canada - and received the Field Test Seal of Approval

You are probably tired of continuously cleaning the slimes and viscera that accumulate on your cleaning board each time you clean your fish or to have your fish slip around on the board !

You surely need a cleaning board that keeps fish in place and catches all the mess and collect them in a tray. Use KAAG® Modular Fish Cleaning Board


1. Very convenient to use
Keep your fish in place
The 1440 edges grip fish at any angle for a better control of the fish during the cleaning process
The 4 rubber pads underneath the tray prevent the board from slipping on any surface for an easy and fast cleaning

Collect the mess in the tray
The mess drains through the grate and collect in the tray so the board doesn’t become slippery for fast cleaning and remains clean for the next fish to fillet, to scale or to gut

2. Durable
Keep it for many years of use
Both the grate and the tray are made from high impact food grade polystyrene, a very resistant plastic, for long-lasting use

3. Modular
Easily build up your own cleaning surface configuration
Using specific metal bridges, you can double and infinitely customize it to the perfect size for your cleaning tasks

4. Versatile
Use it to achieve many indoor and outdoor tasks
Useful for cutting breads or juicy foods, slicing and dicing meat, cleaning fish, deboning game, cooling baked goods, defrosting meal and more

5. Portable
Take it with you everywhere
For the board is lightweight and comprises only two parts of reasonable dimensions, you can easily take it with you

Protect your health
The board design offers no space for bacterial growth and protects your health from potentially contaminated fish

Easily get rid of the fishy odor
The material used for the board is specially chosen to prevent it from holding bad fish odors so that after clean up, you feel comfortable making other uses of it

Other benefits:

  • Fix your KAAG® Clamp Deck in order to better keep your fish in place while cleaning. A must for those suffering from hands disabilities
  • Use your KAAG® Carving Deck to carve ou cut your baits, lines, even your fish
  • It is just great in the Kitchen for carving tuke, ham or even water melon on
  • Clean up is quite easy. Simply remove the grate, empty the tray and rinse both so that the board is ready for the next catch to clean. You can also safely wash it with a mild soap and water or in a dishwasher


Length 17 in / 44 cm
Width 7 in / 18 cm
Tray capacity 481 / 1246 cm2
Weight 18 oz / 510 g
Material High impact Food grade Polystyrene
Color White
Made in USA

Keywords: Fish, Fish Cleaning

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