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By: Jpl Prospect  09-12-2011

Momentum Hockey - Services

In today’s amateur and professional hockey, considering the unbelievable commitment and the phenomenal amount of energy they deploy to achieve their goals, players deserve lots of respect, but most of all, to get the best developing environment and working conditions possible.

That’s why Momentum assures all its clients’ rights as players are upheld under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement or the rules of the league they play in.

Because we care more about our players, Momentum naturally provides clear guidance and the best assistance to its clients and their family members by working very closely and respectfully with all permanent members of our players’ respective labour union, their teams’ representatives and the leagues’ members.

The success of contract negotiations is a huge factor in our athletes’ lives and that is why Momentum has put into place a special program that provides the most complete analysis of any player involved in the industry. We shake up the conventional and rethink the status quo to make sure we obtain our clients satisfaction.

At Momentum Hockey, we always give our best expertise with our players’ interests in mind at each step of their career. We continuously aim for excellence and we transform how the business of Sports Agency is done because we believe in the uniqueness of the actual and upcoming generations. We are renowned for the excellence of our services and the quality of our personalized approach, and we promise our clients our team will always be fully prepared so the negotiation process is done fairly and efficiently.

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Momentum Hockey - Services - medical services

That is why over the years, we have developed privileged relationships and partnership with top doctors and healthcare professionals from various horizons and specialties everywhere in North America, providing our clients a direct and easy access to them and their private networks.


Momentum Hockey - Services - draft preparation

Meetings, media and public relations’ education is done with each of our clients and family members to help everyone be well prepared for this once in a lifetime occasion, allowing our prospect players to perform at their best during the interviews or informal sessions. It allows each of our players to be fully educated on the process and it brings them a comfort level that enables them to have greater success through the process.


Momentum Hockey - Services - media p

Momentum works with each of its clients to educate them on the different media outlets and as well how to work in collaboration with the media to help increase their own brand value and reputation. With the social Medias like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other media outlets, it has become even more important that a player is comfortable handling the media properly.


Momentum Hockey - Services - insurance

From Life and Career Ending insurance planning to enhance Accident Sickness Disability program, Momentum takes care of everything; quotations and renewals, coverage and sums insured, policy period, medical reports and underwriting, pre-existing injury or conditions, and even additional coverage for international medical care.


Momentum Hockey - Services - player development

All contracts usually come from good on-ice performances and history teaches us that with strong off-ice conditioning, hard work, dedication and strong commitment, our players will have the best tool box to succeed and develop their abilities and reach their full potential. Our highly qualified experts synchronize each personalized development program with our clients’ respective organization goals.


Momentum Hockey - Services - services

Our clients have access to the best tools the hockey world has to offer, from media education programs, contract negotiations, in season and off season training programs, nutrition, and beyond, Momentum can ensure all its clients if there is a question they will have the answer and work with them and their family to best find solutions.


Momentum Hockey - Services - family advisor

Momentum has a team that works closely with its players and family members to help identify the best situations both hockey and academically for the player so he can achieve both of his goals at an NCAA school. For any player to be successful he must fully understand not only what is expected of him, but as well see what needs to be done to get to the next level in hockey and in life.