Bidet Toilet Seat

By: JOS International  09-03-2011
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JOS International , a Montreal-based privately owned company, is now promoting a full line of Toilet Seat Add-On Bidets (or washlets). This innovative product brings all hygiene, health and environment benefits to all. No need to have room for a full bidet unit with this accessory.

Designed to retro-fit to any existing toilet installation and requiring minimal effort to install, toilet seat bidets are the way of the future for those conscious of the benefits of the bidet.

A bidet can…

* Help you avoid potential hand contamination from normal wiping
* Provide a gentler form of cleansing

* Help avoid some of the irritation of hemorrhoids that toilet paper can cause
* Help you prevent soiled underwear and uncleanliness
* Have a cleansing, soothing, and refreshing feeling
* Help women avoid overuse of potentially irritating feminine hygiene sprays and deodorants

More details and ordering information can be obtained at or you can call us at 888-342-2575

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