By: J Walk  09-12-2011
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Quickly go from working with text-based interfaces to working with functional, attractive Web and mobile interfaces—without changing your mission-critical applications. LegaSuite GUI helps your development team easily Web- and mobile-enable existing green-screen applications, automate application processes and navigation, and integrate with desktop and Web applications. You preserve the original business logic and data while offering the functionality in a Web- and mobile- friendly formats.

How to go from green-screen to GUI.

Simple green-screen text, input, and output fields, as well as subfiles/lists, are replaced using a library of modern, Web-ready widgets like grids, check boxes and radio buttons, multi-page tabbed dialogs, pop-up calendars, and more. Your modernized applications are entirely customizable to today's design and business standards and are accessible by the most popular Web and mobile browsers.

Go with custom GUIs and Automate, integrate, and Improve Usability.

Go beyond a simple user interface and dramatically improve the way your users work with applications by creating custom Web interfaces. LegaSuite starts by automatically generating a Web version of screens you want to customize, then gives you the ability to enhance the user experience and extend the functionality in a variety of ways:

  • Create any branded look you want, including specific looks for specific browsers and devices; your branded look can flow across both dynamic and custom GUIs
  • Give your users more intuitive ways to work with data in the application, like replacing prompt fields with drop-down selection boxes, displaying tabular data in grids they can sort and manipulate, and replacing Yes/No fields with checkboxes
  • Change the application workflow, including the ability to incorporate fields from other screens
  • Automate manual steps and implement new Web-friendly navigation
  • Integrate with Web applications like Google Maps and content management systems

go with dynamic GUI for rapid results.

Using simple visual templates available in the LegaSuite Workbench, you can dynamically generate a Web user experience that provides one-to-one Web presentation for each underlying application screen. Dynamic GUI is ideal when you want to improve navigation and deploy a straightforward Web application to replace the green-screen interface. It's also suitable for areas of applications where your users spend limited time, like setup screens and report generation screens.

Dynamic GUIs can also be deployed with custom GUIs, which focus more on improving usability for specific areas of the application. You can give your users enhanced features in these areas, while allowing dynamic GUI to automatically Web-enable application functions that are less used or less critical.

team players.

Once you build something, global changes are also quick and easy, so if you deploy an application and need to update it, it's a snap with LegaSuite. We have change management covered too—our new Workbench includes an automated process for incorporating changes to your underlying applications into your modernized Web and mobile applications.

Keywords: web application

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The GUI Engine accesses your business-critical applications on behalf of users and presents them with the user experience you've designed for the device they are using. Once you've designed a modernized application, you publish it to the LegaSuite GUI Engine. LegaSuite solutions can be deployed and managed with almost any server platform. A single GUI Engine supports all deployment types LegaSuite offers.