By: J Walk  09-12-2011
Keywords: web application


Data center. the Cloud. Virtual machines.

Your own hardware. Insulate your modernized solution from the platform wars. LegaSuite solutions can be deployed and managed with almost any server platform. All you need is a Web application server.

Once you've designed a modernized application, you publish it to the LegaSuite GUI Engine. The GUI Engine accesses your business-critical applications on behalf of users and presents them with the user experience you've designed for the device they are using. A single GUI Engine supports all deployment types LegaSuite offers.

Keywords: web application

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LegaSuite starts by automatically generating a Web version of screens you want to customize, then gives you the ability to enhance the user experience and extend the functionality in a variety of ways. Quickly go from working with text-based interfaces to working with functional, attractive Web and mobile interfaces—without changing your mission-critical applications.