Process Simulation and Analysis

By: Interfacing  09-12-2011

FirstSTEP® Simulator is an easy way for business users to model and analyze business processes. It includes powerful statistical analysis tools and an integrated discrete simulation tool that allow the impact of potential process improvements to be assessed.

Business users can use the simulator to look for bottlenecks and to perform "what-if" analyses on critical paths, cycle time, and risk. FirstSTEP® Simulator has been used by companies in the Finance, Manufacturing, Energy, and Life Science industries (amongst others) for process re-engineering projects and to increase business knowledge.

  • Business process modeling 
  • Discrete simulation engine
  • Comprehensive statistical analysis
  • Automatic report generation
  • Swimlane and flatmap process views
  • Customizable print options
  • Export to MS Project, CSV, and XML
  • Export to Interfacing's enterprise-wide  and to our  for Microsoft® Visio.

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