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By: Interfacing  09-12-2011
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Downloading our Free BPMN (Business Process Mapping Notation) Modeler is the first step towards building a process-centric organization. A simple add-on for Microsoft® Visio®, the Free BPMN Modeler allows users to quickly and easily model and publish their business processes, using a familiar interface, in industry-standard BPMN™.

"[Interfacing’s BPMN Modeler] gives business users the ability to create sophisticated business models with the ease-of-use that Visio is famous for. [It] allowed me to create connections between flowcharts and build a multi-leveled process framework in minutes." Hisashi Sato, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

Supported platforms: Microsoft® Visio® 2003, MS Visio® 2007, and MS Visio® 2010. MS Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Please note that only the 32-bit version of MS Visio® 2010 is supported.

A standard maintained by the Object Management Group® (OMG®), Business Process Modeling Notation™ (BPMN) is the most widely-accepted process documentation methodology in the world. In spite of its fundamental simplicity, BPMN is extremely powerful; it can take your BPM initiative all the way to Workflow – or the execution stage of the process lifecycle. While they are intuitively understood by non-technical business users, BPMN flows can be automated to streamline the end-to-end execution of human and system-intensive processes.

"The fact that Interfacing has made it so easy to start modeling in BPMN [..] puts the power of Business Process Management in the hands of any user, anywhere." Richard Mark Soley, PhD., Chairman & CEO, Object Management Group® (OMG®)

Users can organize their processes and process-related information in flexible hierarchies, which allow them to "drill-down" through multiple levels of their processes.

When roles are assigned to processes, the Free BPMN Modeler can automatically generate Swimlane maps that allow users to visualize the process interactions between organizational units. Additionally, users can switch to Flatmap view to see the entire process hierarchy – or value stream – expanded into a single flowchart.

The Free BPMN Modeler treats process knowledge mapped in Visio as centralized "objects," rather than as attributes, allowing users to reuse the information (such as roles, documents, and KPIs) across processes and tasks within the Visio environment.

The Free BPMN Modeler is an add-on for MS Visio, so your process modelers benefit from Microsoft’s characteristic ease-of-use and work in a familar environment, so they can begin creating content immediately.

All of the process data modeled in Visio with our BPMN Modeler can be imported into our BPM suite, the Enterprise Process Center® (EPC), where business users can manage, automate, and execute business processes.

Complete Process Lifecycle Management. Migrate your Visio maps to the EPC to manage the process lifecycle from end to end and leverage its business intelligence and performance tracking capabilities.

Comprehensive BPM Solution. The EPC meets the full spectrum of BPM requirements, from lifecycle management and business architecture to process automation with EPC Workflow.

Integrated GRC Capabilities. With specific modules dedicated to rules, risks, controls, and audit management, the EPC allows organizations to improve operational performance while ensuring compliance with corporate policies and regulatory requirements.

Automated SOP Outputs. The EPC allows users to automatically generate EPC Process Books to output content into convenient, printable process documentation for SOPs, user guides, training materials, and audit reports.

Cost-Benefit. A comprehensive BPM program doesn’t have to break your budget. The EPC is one-third of the cost of comparable BPM products on the market, and is fully customizable to meet any organization’s unique needs.

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