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By: Integration New Media  09-12-2011

When we start any project, we always look at how to strike the best balance between meeting business objectives, delivering an effective and well-designed user experience, and following rigorous software design principles.

We support the principles of agile development and we continuously adapt this methodology so that it fits well within all of our projects, from a simple website, to a multi-platform enterprise application. This allows us to deliver the features with the highest business value first and to progressively deliver fully-functional, validated, and tested versions throughout development. This approach ensures that clients are more involved and it provides the most flexibility for responding to emerging market opportunities.

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Les interfaces d’utilisateurs riches, hautement visuelles et interactives, sont désormais indispensables pour permettre l’utilisation des technologies à partir de dispositifs multiples dans un monde surabondant d’information. Nous aidons nos clients à livrer des solutions faciles à découvrir, à apprendre et à utiliser afin de maximiser la satisfaction et la productivité de leurs utilisateurs ultimes.