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By: Institute Of Biomedical Research  09-12-2011

In addiction to new developed products, the Institute has obtained the license for the commercialization, on European market of the following products, developed by its founding company BioMedco Canada Inc. from Montreal.


"Aerosan" is a highly effective microbicidal agent that kills a wide range of medically important bacteria, and all types of mold that contaminate buildings and their mechanical devices.

Its effectiveness is proven through a large number of decontamination process of the residential, commercial and industrial buildings in the province of Quebec-Canada, over the past 22 years carried out by Biomedco Services Inc. from Montreal.


MicrobEX" is another disinfectant that eliminates, in a very short period of time, a large number of bacteria and mold of medical and environmental importance.

"MicrobEX" is used in numerous applications such as:

Bandages for large burns

Hard surface disinfection

Microbicidal treatment of fabrics and textile products

Powerful insecticides against bed bugs and other textile goods

An example of its effectiveness are "MicrobEX" treated towels, used in health institutions. Even after 100 machine washes with detergents and chlorine these goods maintain their full microbicidal effect, due to "MicrobEX" which is tightly physico-chemicaly integrated into the fibers of the fabric.

Such efficiency has resulted in a very interesting application for "MicrobEX" in the fight against nosocomical infections in the Canadian health institutions.

Currently "MicrobEX" has found a new very lucrative application as a paint ingredient in antimicrobial treatment for the interior and exterior surfaces of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Microbicidal Towels "KleNET"

Microbicidal towels are avant-garde products made of a cotton material compressed in a small volume, which is impregnated with a microbicidal agent either "Aerosan" or "KleNET".

Following the addition of 5 ml of water, these towels outburst by osmosis in their natural volume and form, in a quick and spectacular way, and can then serve for effective disinfection of any part of the body or surface in a number environments of human activities.


"OralNet" is the first mouthwash in the world based on the ultra-pure Arctic Ocean water.

"OralNet" is a totally natural product that contains no alcohol or harsh chemicals. It is highly effective in controlling oral microbial flora, thus preventing gingivitis and dental caries.

Oral Ocean Power

"Oral OceanPower" is an alcohol and harsh chemicals free mouthwash formulation based on the salt of ultra-pure Arctic Ocean water. It freshens up the breath and helps fight harmful bacteria with the gentle, scientifically proven action of Arctic Ocean water salt, which is powerful in preventing gingivitis, plaque and cavity formation.


PURILAIR is an appliance that sterilizes compressed air circulating within medical instruments. It guaranties a healthy environment all the time, especially in dental clinics.

  • PURILAIR is essential for the future of dental office, since it ensure acceptable quality of compressed air in dental clinic facilities
  • PURILAIR is installed on the pipe of the air-output unit between the compressor and the dental office. It is safe, maintenance free, energy efficient and has low operational cost
  • PURILAIR is a unique patented instrument which uses the compressor output to dynamically sterilize outgoing air
  • PURILAIR functions by passing air through a heated (200°C/395°F) sterilizing unit which ensures the complete destruction of microorganisms and their products
  • PURILAIR continuously provides the office with sterile compressed air. Therefore improve the indoor air quality, protects the staff members and the patients from airborne microbial contamination
  • PURILAIR provides sterile, odourless and particle-free air to air powered instruments, and oral cavity of dental patients.

Abundant growth of bacteria, molds and yeasts in compressed air,
before using Purilair, in the dental facility

Absense of microbial growth in the compressed air coming out of
Purilair powering dental finstallments

The Culture Media

The Institute offers the most complete range of culture media for microbiological routine and specific tests.

Colloidal Silver

Human beings have been using silver as a cure for ages. Romans and Greeks would place their drinks into silver containers to preserve them from contamination. Using silver utensils and plates, royal families along with privileged people would ingest minute particles of this precious metal, immunizing themselves from many illnesses. Until now, silverware has been a tradition on our tables.

The colloidal silver is one of the most universal and powerful antibiotic as well as antiseptic substance humans have known so far. Researches have proven that any germs likely to provoke an illness cannot survive to colloidal silver. Effectively, for micro organisms silver is much more powerful compared to chemical disinfectants, without being dangerous for users' health.

Microorganisms use specific enzymes to breathe, in other words, to live. Colloidal silver particles directly block these enzymes that are the "lungs" or blocus ione passage throughout the cell membrane, causing the quick death of the micro organisms.

Colloidal silver is an odourless substance that can be used internally or externally. A prescription is not required. No side effects known; does not interfere with other medication. Externally, it can be introduced into ear, nose, eyes, applied on a wound, or any other body part.

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