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By: Ijw Management  09-12-2011
Keywords: financing, CAPITAL STRUCTURE, Negotiation Process

Developing a solid financial plan that is compelling to investors necessitates a refined strategic vision. We aid entrepreneurs in their preparations for the launch of a new venture, as well as assist corporations looking to expand by validating the options available to them.

Capital Raising

Appropriate financing strategies maximize the ability of our clients to achieve success and implement their corporate goals. Through our relationships with various angel investors, banks, and institutions, IJW works at formulating and implementing these strategies - not just valuating the capital to be raised, but also the ability of financial sources to provide added value to our clients. The negotiation process in capital procurement can be lengthy and challenging, but our continuous insistence on the quality of our networks facilitates this process. Our advisors aid in these negotiations to ensure that our clients receive the appropriate terms and conditions they need.

Debt Raising

Multiple funding options may be available to our clients, dependant on their capital structure, cash flow realities, credit, and use of funds. Our expertise allows us to advise our clients on the products available to them, as well as assisting them in the selection of products that fits their financing requirements. IJW's strong relationships with the Canadian banking institutions that provide these products and services facilitate this process.

Capital Structure Advisory

Capital structure decisions are key to the achievement of corporate goals - this creates an imperative for finding the appropriate debt to equity structure that best fits the cash flow needs of our clients. The way in which debt and equity procurements are pursued today can have a monumental effect on a firm's ability to expand and grow into the future. If undercapitalized, or over leveraged, not only will a company have an impediment on growth, they will be unable to sustain adverse economic cycles.

IJW Management carefully formulates and analyzes financial pro forma projections, providing our clients with security in the knowledge that their debt to equity structure is sufficient to match for their needs.

Keywords: CAPITAL STRUCTURE, financing, Negotiation Process

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