Current Projects – International Property Tax Institute

By: I.p.t.i  09-12-2011

Review of Domestic Valuation Rating Appeal Process

IPTI is undertaking a review of the current appeal process and international best practices in Northern Ireland.

Phase III of IPTI’s International Benchmarking Study

Phase III of IPTI’s International Benchmarking Study will be completed shortly. Sponsors of this project are the VOA, United Kingdom and the New South Wales Valuer General, Department of Land and Valuer General of South Australia.

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Journal of Property Tax Assessment and Administration – International Property Tax Institute

The aim of the Journal is to develop theory and practice; to compare experiences internationally and to place policies, methods, techniques and practices in their fiscal, political and economic context. The Journal has been providing its readership with an international forum for the dissemination of theoretical and practice-based research in the fields of property tax assessment and administration.


Information for Authors – International Property Tax Institute

Upon acceptance, the author must resubmit one copy of the article in electronic format as an e-mail attachment or on CD-R disk, with the article in a word processing file, preferably Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format. The Journal publishes scholarly and practical articles on assessment administration, tax policy, and appraisal. Note that the titles, except for journal titles, have only the first word following a colon capitalized.


Past Projects – International Property Tax Institute

IPTI is working on a project for the Inter-American Development Bank, the Federal Government of Mexico through National Bank of Works and Services Public SNC and the National Institute of Statistic, Geography and Information to assist in the modernization of the Mexican property tax system.