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We are a team of seasoned Web developers able to maintain rapid production cycles with competitive quality. Because we always work in team, our programmers are able to write a code while keeping an eye out for security issues. Team work is almost mandatory here, and it is something we value a lot. We are able to offer many different services that will help your business grow without you having to mind technological aspects. We take care of that for you.

At Heptacube, software security is a priority. In a world where electronic communication grows daily, it is essential that your information be secure. Working in an environment where trust and confidence are flagship values is as important to us as it is to our clients. Our focus on security issues allows us to always deal with clients in a safe technical environment. We provide many security services:
  • Risk factor evaluation
  • Robust and secure authentication system implementation
  • Data integrity improvement
Programming ExpertsOf course, as any respectable development studio, we master a vast array of programming langages. Each has specific attributes and can be used, with experience, at the right time and place. Database Design, Modeling and ProductionAt Heptacube, one of our main talent is database design. It is important to start with a strong foundation in order to eliminate problems caused by bad design. From DBA services to SQL Frameworks, including many , we are able to help you in designing and maintaining secure and reliable databases. Our expertise in achieving such projects is unmistakable. Never did a client regret to contract us in an attempt to improve (or create) his database. Resource Management and Load BalancingIf your web services are generating a large amount of traffic or if downtime is of large concern to you, it may be wise to switch to a . Load balancing can also be performed in many different ways depending on the client's needs.
  • Configuration of Round Robin DNS
  • Use of master and slave databases
  • Use of distributed resources

Content Management SystemsOur content management solutions are unique. They provide clients with innovative and efficent ways to manage digital data on large scale systems. We've been developing content management systems for over 4 years now and our template is based on information security and exemplary performance. You have a website and are not content with its CMS? You need to add options and functionalities to your actual CMS? You want to completely start from scratch because what you have now sucks?
Well we can help! We promise to offer you adapted solutions that will make you happy to upload content on your site(s). Business Management SystemsWe are very skilled at integrating all of the administrative needs of a company within custom-built web applications. Our solutions in business information management systems are simple and efficient and may include: billing and accounting, time sheets, corporate information and documentation, customer support, and more. We guarantee that our analysts will be able to save you time and money in managing your business. Be it osCommerce or a custom-made e-commerce application, we are equipped to help improve both your user interface and your online sales. Again, Heptacube can help you create an e-commerce application from scratch or help you improve the one you are unsatisfied with. When it comes to online retail, many aspects are to consider. What clients are usually in most dire need of is a better, more adapted catalog. Both for you and the end-user, the catalog is the centerpiece of any successful online shop. Our staff is able to achieve success even in the most complicated catalog systems. Another common need of online shops is to arrange for a price-according-to-currency mechanism (geolocalization). Of course, we also can make that, and many more things, happen for you.

Heptacube is now doing business with two major telecommunication firms in the Montreal area, as well as with the mirror sites hosted by other specialized web hosting firms in Montreal and New York. With the acquisition of new IPs, we are now in a position to expand our without lowering overall link quality and latency. In trying to be the most transparent possible, we publish our network's status in realtime through . MRTG is a warranty of our presence online and allows for a constant improvement of our hosting services. The hosting departement is dedicating a new resource in order to improve support and overall quality of your services. Please visit for more information.
Questions concerning hosting plans or technical support should now be addressed the SSLCube line at (514) 289-4845.

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Gestion et répartition des ressourcesSi vos services Web génèrent beaucoup de trafic ou que les minutes durant lesquelles votre site est hors-ligne représentent des pertes monétaires importantes, il est peut-être préférable pour vous de répartir les ressources dont vous disposez.


Heptacube - Software Research and Development - Web Programming - solutions

After analyzing your needs, we can present solutions based on four categories of analysis: e-commerce, information management, research and development and security. Our knowledgeable information management team has many years experience integrating the administrative needs of a company with the help of web applications. Our content management systems answer our clients needs by insuring information security and exemplary performance.