MOTIV Haptic Development Platform for Android

By: Haptic Technologies  09-12-2011

The MOTIV Development Platform is comprised of two key elements, the MOTIV Integrator for OEMs and the MOTIV SDK for application developers:

MOTIV Integrator for OEMs

The MOTIV Integrator offers a unique set of modules that provide build-time integration options for OEMs that automatically add haptics into the Android UI and applications and provides an easy way to customize the overall tactile feel of the device. MOTIV works in conjunction with Immersion’s TouchSense® technology, which has created crisp and realistic haptic effects in hundreds of millions of mobile phones to date. Features of MOTIV Integrator include:

  • UI Module: Integrates haptics into the Android OS user interface within a matter of minutes, eliminating engineering cycles while creating a superior user experience. UI Module inserts haptics into Android’s user interface through its view and notification frameworks, creating a consistent user experience throughout the mobile device, both in the user interface as well as downloaded applications which use the view and notification framework. Additionally, the UI Module provides a tailored experience by allowing users to adjust and personalize haptic effects.
  • Theme Manager Module: Allows OEMs to select from a list of haptic themes that can be applied to the Android OS and applications. Themes range in levels of intensity and personality, creating a distinct and differentiated mobile experience for consumers. Once installed by the OEM, themes can be adjusted via the device settings, offering consumers a variety of theme options to further customize their device.
  • Reverb Module: For applications not optimized for haptics by developers using the MOTIV SDK, OEMs can install the Reverb Module, which automatically inserts haptic feedback into applications by translating audio data into effects. Examples of applications that benefit from the Reverb Module include video and music playback enhanced by the sense of the music thumping reminiscent of a subwoofer effect, or a downloaded first person shooter game where the users feel the explosions and game play in their hands.
  • WebKit Module: Allows OEMs to extend theme control of the UI to web browsing on Android devices.
  • Ringtone Module: Enables support for a complex effect selection to support “silent mode” through haptic alerts.  OEMs using the MOTIV Ringtone Module can use standard effects or customized haptic vibrations to be used during silent mode.

MOTIV SDK for Developers

The MOTIV SDK provides application developers with a ubiquitous platform that optimizes haptic effects for all Android devices, regardless of their underlying technology.  The SDK provides an assortment of haptic design resources. These tools include:

  • The Universal Haptics Layer (UHL) which allows developers to easily incorporate haptic effects and ensure quality Haptic Effect Performance across all Android devices
  • Technology Forum
  • Sample code
  • Effect libraries with over 100 pre-designed effects
  • Reference documentation
  • MOTIV Studio, an advanced haptic design tool for advanced users

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