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By: Foniva  09-12-2011

Foniva Interactive Voice Response functionality allows contact centers to interact with callers and customers through their voice and keyboard inputs.
Thanks to the inbound module and an innovative graphical call flow builder and numerous tools, any kind of IVR can be put in place.

Inbound Management

  • High customizable multi tenancy
  • Multiple inbound DID assignment
  • Paused & Emergency status
  • Custom call flow for paused, emergency mode
  • Define weekly schedule for open & close hours.

Call Flow Elements

Conditional statements

Control each call destination based on its dynamic properties and data.

Clock & Timers

Add timer and chronometer as call property.
Redirect the call on timeout.


Count the number of time a caller goes through a branch.
Redirect the call if the maximum is reach.

Advanced Calculator

Make advanced calculus from previous call properties.

Database Query

Retrieve caller information (such as customer id or account) from external database or public service.

PBX Functions

Run PBX functions such as "Ringing", "Answer", "Hangup".

Record playback

Play a pre-recorded message or request caller information through DTMF.

Outbound transfer

Transfer the caller to an external party.

Queue distribute

Send the call to a specific queue, agent groups or agents with pre-defined skills.


Send e-mail to a destination, CRM or ticketing system with caller information.

Goto Tag

Jump to a specific branch.

Embedded call flow

Include a call flow in another.

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