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By: Execute Technologies  09-12-2011

[Executive 2000 Institute’s] belief in and commitment to character education and leadership development is evident in the extraordinary program… tailored specifically for students… [We were] thoroughly impressed with your enthusiasm, knowledge, expertise, professionalism and your ability to successfully engage a large group of grade seven students for two full days.
Jim Carson, Principal
Lucy Maud Montgomery Public School

You showed me that you really care about my life… and told me that I am a leader.
CJ Shillingford, Student

Thank you for teaching me about how to amplify our characters. It was great for you to show us how to plant moral seeds in our brain, for free! Those 12 principles will stay in my mind forever because you didn’t just go through the books of the 12 principles by just saying the name of it; you explained what they were, told us a story about it and drew diagrams. You even let us do hands-on activities with the clay. The character building book was awesome because with the book we’ll never forget the 12 principles. My favourite principle of was that of perseverance. Thank you for coming to our school.
Jayan Doraisamy, Student

I learned a lot from you, such as “character is the inside and charisma is the outside”. Thank you for teaching me about the 12 themes of building Character, thanks to you I know I can do anything and now the “I can’t” is buried. I can start building my character.
Tumyi Mok, Student

On behalf of myself and the other grade sevens I would like to express how thankful I am for you taking time from your busy timetables and talking to us. It meant a lot to me to have such successful business people like you and Karen to come talk to us. Everything for the good and bad seeds to the 12 steps of character building I will remember forever.
Ashley Bridgmohan, Student

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