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By: Exces  09-12-2011

Methodology :

EXCES easily adapts to any mandate granted and to a wide range of operating and organizational environments regarding the systems to be installed. Nonetheless, EXCES always favours a global approach that is founded on the basic principles below:

  • Maintain a permanent dialogue with the client;
  • Define in precise detail the client's present and future security requirements;
  • Get a clear picture of the system environment and user expectations;
  • Ensure the confidentiality of the project and all related data;
  • Take into account the human aspect when systems are designed, without making major compromises but rather optimizing the impact of the system on human factors;
  • Maximize the reliability of the system's architecture and components by emphasizing:
    • the equipment’s quality
    • the equipment’s reliability
    • ease of maintenance
    • system availability
  • Optimize the cost/performance ratio of the system while setting reasonable installation deadlines, to meet present and future client requirements and work within budgetary and scheduling constraints;
  • Ensure that the project team is optimally available and flexible, to rapidly satisfy all client requests;
  • Respect norms, regulations, codes and legislation governing the works;
  • Ensure a technology transfer to encourage client autonomy after the system becomes operational.

The ten principles above are applied rigorously for all EXCES contracts, leading to successful completion of projects to the satisfaction of all the players involved.

Based on this approach, EXCES formulates a three-stage methodology for each project: planning, design and installation.