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Keywords: Fast Ethernet, wireless ethernet,

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350Mbps Wireless Links: NEW!

100Mbps Fast Ethernet Point-to-Point Wireless Links and its Modifications:

100Mbps Fast Ethernet Point-to-Multipoint Wireless System:

155Mbps STM-1 Wireless Links: NEW!

Gigabit Ethernet Wireless Links: NEW!

TV/IP Multimedia Wireless System (MWS)

Keywords: Fast Ethernet, wireless ethernet,

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Custom-designed Equipment

At this section you can find some examples of mm-wave systems developed especially to meet unique requirements of customers from universities at virtually every continent. The significant part of our products is custom-designed equipment for research and scientific organizations worldwide.


Millimeter Wave Measurement Equipment from ELVA-1. Product List

At ELVA-1 Millimeter Wave Division we design and serially manufacture precision measurement and instrumentation equipment for your mm-wave labs. No one in the market can design a new breaking technology without high-quality measurement and instrumentation equipment at their labs. Measurement and instrumentation equipment is the base of all R&D activity driven by any company in mm-wave industry.