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By: Earth Alive  09-12-2011

What is a cleaner? A harsh-smelling chemical? A powerful acid? A fluorescent liquid? An expensive product that serves a single function?

Earth Alive products are none of these things.

They are the only products you need. They are unrivalled industrial and commercial cleaners, dust suppressants, effective soil activators, powerful water and septic system treatment remediators and odour suppressants.

Put aside your preconceived notions, toxic chemicals, and “half-green” products. It’s time for something better. Why use Earth Alive products:

  • To effectively clean everything better, and safely for all living things and for the environment;
  • To remediate dirty and contaminated waters;
  • To eliminate and control the harshest mal odours, everywhere;
  • To help grow everything - from chemical-free golf turfs, home gardens to commercial crops;
  • To free-up congested septic systems;
  • To remediate contaminated soils;
  • To powerfully abait the thickest dust fumes and clouds - everywhere.

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