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By: Double-take Software  09-12-2011
Keywords: Disaster Recovery, Virtual Machines

Double-Take Availability for Linux provides affordable data protection for Linux servers, ensuring minimal data loss and enabling immediate recovery from any interruption, from a single-system outage to a complete site-loss disaster. Changes are captured continuously and replicated to one or more recovery servers that can be anywhere you want, in another building or on another continent.

  • Protects Linux-based application data, such as Oracle and MySQL, and works on both physical and virtual machines running RedHat Enterprise Linux, Novell SuSE Linux Enterprise Server, CentOS Linux and Oracle Enterprise Linux.
  • Provides robust high-availability failover protection. Production servers are constantly monitored and, in the event of a disaster, services are immediately restarted on the standby system. Users remain connected to critical business systems.
  • Protects not just your files but can also protect the entire server – including application and OS files for backup or DR scenarios.
  • Replicates to any disaster recovery site, as far away as you like, over standard IP networks for maximum protection against data loss. You always have fast access to a complete and current copy of your application data.
  • Monitors changes to all protected files and replicates only the bytes that change, for efficient, low-overhead protection. Ensures maximum replication performance by compressing data before it is replicated.
  • Completely hardware independent, so it works with most any storage architecture (SCSI, FibreChannel, iSCSI). Supports your existing heterogeneous storage infrastructures and does not lock you in to any specific hardware vendor, so you maintain the freedom to go beyond the limits imposed by some proprietary array-based solutions.
  • Works with most common file systems including EXT2/3/4, ReiserFS and XFS.
  • Restoration Wizard simplifies the restoration process and provides online restore capabilities, with granular restores.

Keywords: Disaster Recovery, Virtual Machines

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