Flame Patio Heater

Flame Patio Heater from DMG Patio Heaters

By: DMG Patio Heaters  30-01-2011
Keywords: Patio, Patio Heaters, Outdoor Fireplaces

- Infrared remote control with 25° reception angle and 6 meters.

- Purposely designed with 2 second ignition delay to prevent accidental ignition.

- 3 heat settings (HIGH / MED / LOW)

- When the appliance is operating, the control unit can automatically detect any breakdown in 1 second and automatically cuts off both power and gas supply.

- Gas supply will automatically cut off in 25 seconds ± 5 seconds if pilot flame goes out accidentally.

- If the pilot flame does not ignite within the ignition period of 25 seconds ± 5 seconds the power and gas supply will cut off automatically.

- When ignition batteries are exhausted pilot and burner flame will extinguish automatically and gas supply will be cut off.

- Comes with Heat & Thermal shock resistant glass tube, which is invulnerable to cracking as a result of rapid temperature change

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