Per Diem Expense | Expense Reporting - booking and tmc integration

By: Databasics  09-12-2011
Keywords: credit card, Expense Reporting, Travel Expense

Expense Reporting and Travel Booking are part of a common process. Through integration, important efficiencies can be achieved. DATABASICS' ExpenSite lets you realize the efficiencies of integration without sacrificing choice.

If you're satisfied with the way you do booking now—whether on-line or off-line through your agency, you don't need to replace it and start over again to implement DATABASICS' Expense Reporting. ExpenSite can work with leading on-line corporate booking vendors such as RESX, EGENCIA, Travelocity for Business, GetThere, Reardon Commerce and others, or directly with your agency.

ExpenSite's Booking integration, like all ExpenSite capabilities, is designed to adapt to your requirements and your "best practices". Here are some examples of the things you can do with ExpenSite:

  • Automatically supplement the data you get from your credit card feed with itinerary details
  • Pre-populate an expense report
  • Distribute "Ghost card" charges to your employees
  • Track unused airline tickets
  • Automatically include prospective itineraries in Pre-trip Authorizations
  • Better enforce policies and contracts and more readily identify possible fraud
  • Get a "full picture" of reservation activity including off-line, TMC-direct reservations with booked, ticketed and billed comparisons
  • Better manage travel budgets using DATABASICS' Travel Expense Budgeting to get visibility into not only what has been spent, but what is in the pipeline

Keywords: credit card, Expense Budgeting, Expense Reporting, Travel Expense,

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All this is normally left to the customer, but we see our responsibility extending further: With DATABASICS, you can count on our in-house, Professional Services team to work with you to make sure the accounting interface is automatic, seamless and accurate. Our interfaces are bi-directional: importing codes, shared data, credit card transactions, and approval structures from your accounting system and loading back fully encoded transactions.


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As well, they can proceed along parallel tracks based upon project, organizational level, type of expense, employee type or exception criteria. Data flows to and from Accounting, Project Costing, Payroll and other third-party systems including rule and exception-based code mapping. With its wide range of options, ExpenSite enables you to easily configure a solution that precisely meets your requirements.


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Travel Expense Budgeting does this by integrating travel authorizations, itinerary data, and expense reporting details and comparing them against travel budgets. For organizations that are committed to travel spend control, DATABASICS Travel Expense Budgeting is indispensable. DATABASICS' Travel Expense Budgeting offers organizations unprecedented control over travel expenses.


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With DATABASICS Receipt Imaging Service, receipt management is easy and the payback is virtually immediate. Except the coversheet and paper receipts are transmitted as hardcopy.