By: Dans La Rue  09-12-2011

Education is a key factor in giving street kids the tools to change their lives. Not all kids choose to pursue their education, but for those who do, the educational programs offered by Dans la rue provide an important stepping stone towards a happy, healthy, productive future.

The Emmett Johns School

The school at Chez Pops has been offering high school courses since 1997. But this is no ordinary school: the curriculum and teaching methods are adapted to the needs of streets kids and include coaching in basic learning methodologies, time management, priority setting, job hunting skills and many other skills our kids need to acquire in order to thrive in the school system or in the job market.

The school is staffed by specially trained teachers from the CREP (Centre des ressources éducatives et pédagogiques) who work with students throughout the school year and coordinate closely with an outreach counsellor who ensures psychosocial follow-up for each student. There are also volunteer teachers who help round out the teaching staff.

Dans la rue also has a scholarship fund in place (endowed by the CN Employees and Pensioners Fund) to allow students to pursue their educational goals after they finish their schooling with us, whether in high school, professional trade school, CEGEP or university.

Concordia — Dans la rue Project

This innovative initiative matches Dans la rue high school students with students enrolled in the Design Art Program at Concordia University for weekly on-campus workshops throughout the academic year. The program allows our kids to develop computer skills (imaging, music mixing, 3D animation, video editing) while working toward high school Computer Science credits.

In addition to learning the latest technologies, our students are given the opportunity to bond with their Concordia counterparts and discover first hand that attending university is not an impossible dream for them.

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Other products and services from Dans La Rue


Front Line Services

The team is key to shaping each individual's experience at Dans la Rue providing a consistent source of support and giving youths the confidence to move forward and make positive changes in their lives. Front-line counsellors deal with difficult problems resulting from addictions and mental health issues that affect many street kids every day.


Chez Pops

For some it is a hot healthy meal at the cafeteria and for others it is to pick up warm clothes or basic items at our depot. If the Van is the public face of Dans la rue, Chez Pops is its beating heart. Chez Pops is open weekdays and more than 120 street kids visit daily. During peak periods that number can climb as high as 200.


The Bunker

Located in one of downtown Montreal's roughest neighborhoods, the Bunker provides a safe haven where street kids can decompress and escape criminals and predators who often prey on them, where they can reassess the choices they've made and access counselling and other services.


The Van

When people think of Dans la rue the image that most often come to mind is of Pops driving the Van and passing out hot dogs to street kids on a cold winter night. The volunteers on the Van also give out basic personal items such as soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes and distribute more than 200 provision bags per week. The Van is entirely manned by volunteers and cruises the downtown core five nights a week dispensing hot dogs and hot drinks.


Dans la Rue - Services

From food, shelter and healthcare all the way to accessing higher education, we try to provide services that nourish not only the bodies but also the minds, spirits and dreams of the kids we serve. The street kids we serve desperately need help and Dans la rue is one of the very few organizations that provides this help. Sometimes a hot dog and a hug are all that stands between coping and complete despair.