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By: Confront Magazine  09-12-2011
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Written by Jenia Schukov On the day of my 16th birthday in September 2005, I stepped into Club Soda to watch a fairly unknown band play to a couple hundred people in Montreal for the very first time. Today, a little over six years later, that very same band has released their fourth full length studio album and has announced [..]

Approximately a year ago, I came full circle with regard to my career choice when I had the opportunity to interview Nick Carter and AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys.  As I said then, I chose the profession of entertainment journalist in part because it was a way for me to use all that fanatic energy I seemed to have [..]

Has it been five years already?  Seems like just yesterday I was waiting impatiently for our first issue to go live on August 31st, 2006 and here we are, 60 issues and two redesigns later, getting ready to bring you Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter, as our October cover story.  What a dream come true. Everything we have accomplished over the [..]

The music industry today may be at its most critical point in all of its history- there is so much talent out there right now and so many individuals that are just waiting to make their mark as a musician, it’s a wonder that anyone breaks out and makes a name for themselves. It comes down to being discovered by [..]

In the words of CONFRONT Magazine’s own editor-in-chief, “There are certain perks that come with doing what we do here at CONFRONT Magazine: going to see tons of great concerts, meeting high profile people […] And once in a while, we are lucky enough to have some of our dreams come true.” Those words perfectly describe what went through my [..]

Cinq ans après la parution de notre première édition, CONFRONT Magazine inaugure sa nouvelle section Franco en vous présentant Danyka, une artiste Québécoise dont la chanson “Come to Me” a attiré l’attention de plusieurs. C’est par une superbe journée printanière et ensoleillée, dans un petit café de la rue Masson, que ma petite d’un an et moi avons rencontré cette [..]

In 2006, CONFRONT Magazine’s first featured article (Feature Pres. 30stm) began with the phrase: “Amidst the chaos and frenzy of decision making, phone calls, more decisions, picking colors, taglines, sleepless nights and hair pulling disagreements, one thing was unequivocally certain; we wanted 30 Seconds to Mars to be CONFRONT Magazine’s first cover.” Five years later, in the face of a [..]

Written by Melissa Payette I was first introduced to the Decemberists in mid 2009 when the band released their album ‘Hazards of Love’. Their distinct indie-folk sound really caught my interest and I found myself listening to that particular album a whole lot that summer. I couldn’t have been more excited a couple months ago when I found out that [..]

Written by Jenia Schukov. Most Canadian bands avoid scheduling major tours during the winter months. The idea of spending endless hours on the road fighting through snowstorms in a cold bus is enough to make anybody shudder. As I entered Finger Eleven’s tour bus, the floors soaked with slush, I realized that some artists are willing to endure anything to [..]

Written by Steve Karmazenuk 2010: It was the Best of Tunes; it was the Worst of Tunes… Let it be known that 2010 was the year that I, Steven “Team” Edward Karmazenuk came out of the closet as an indie music hipster snob.  That being said, I still like to think that I’ve kept an open ear as I’ve listened [..]

Keywords: Club Soda

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Rockstar Uproar Montreal: Rain didn’t stop the Montrealers After the success of last year’s uproar around the United States and only date in Canada, the Rockstar Uproar tour was back again with several dates in our country, including one in Montreal at Parc Jean-Drapeau. By Marie-Claire Denis It was at Underworld, that friends and family watched the young musicians of Basement Superheroes play a full one hour gig for the first time.


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Following our interview with him this past month, we had been eagerly anticipating this event… We had both enjoyed his first solo album, Now or Never, and though we were a little less enthused by his Sophmore release, we were. CONFRONT’s correspondent photographer and I had the opportunity to attend Nick Carter’s solo show at the Metropolis.


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By Lili-Anh Formed not so long ago by Atreyu’s Brandon Saller, Hell or Highwater went from being a solo project under the name of Black Cloud Collective to what it is today; a full band of talented and experienced musicians giving themselves a new start for doing what they love.


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LOUIS-JEAN: On a commencé un band en’97-’98 pour un concours qui s’appelle Cégep en Spectacle. Rires* CONFRONT: Ouais mais plus poussé que ce qui est sur le site. Est-ce que je pourrais avoir un peu d’histoire de Karkwa. Pour commencer, je vais retourner dans le passé un peu.