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By: Cfdlab  09-12-2011

  • Course number and name of instructor
  • Purpose (meeting, presentation, guest speaker, etc.)
  • Date and Time (give start and end times)
  • The room number
  • Your McGill I.D. number

You cannot reserve a room without this information. Please remember to provide all the information needed to book a room; otherwise there will be delays.

VERY IMPORTANT: please check the status of the room before you send the e-mail. Instructions are below.

To book room 357 (Multimedia), Please reception [dot] mechanical [at] mcgill [dot] ca .

To book room 270 (Conference), Please reception [dot] mechanical [at] mcgill [dot] ca .

To check the status of a room

In Microsoft Outlook only, (not OWA), in the GO Menu, Select Calendar (Ctrl-2).
In the left side Column, near the bottom, Choose "Open Shared Calendar..".
In the "Name.." field enter the name of the room that you want to check the status, Here are the Display names:
Mecheng MD357 Multimedia
Mecheng MD270 Conference
Click OK, a new item will show up in the "Other Calendars" section, always in the left side Column, near the bottom.
Make sure that a checkmark appear to make sure that the calendar appears in the Main section.

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