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By: Canadian Wintersports  09-12-2011

Vauhti. One of the oldest wax brands in the world, established in 1937. Due to the ambitious product development together with practical testing in co-operation with numerous national ski teams Vauhti has become a popular, high-profile performance wax brand in all Nordic ski countries including Canada. Vauhti markets wax and waxing accessories. It is known for it’s innovative new generation ski waxes like fluor gels, glide section liquid cleaners, grip powder e.t.c. For recreational market Vauhti has always reliable tar grips and easy-to-use liquid gliders and grips.
Vauhti is a Cross Country Canada Ski Team sponsor.

Red Creek. A progressive and innovative company that has established itself as a leader in ski tuning technology. Red Creek invented the roto brushes to be used as an effective ski prepping and finishing tool. Red Creek rillers are a cost effective rilling system for “serious” skiers. Red Creek equipment are used by more than 100 national teams ranging from Nordic skiing to ski jumping, alpine and snowboards. Red Creek is Canadian Cross Country Ski Team sponsor.


CWS is the rollerski market leader in Canada. We carry three different rollerski brands and skikes:

F 1 Sprint is the most popular skate rollerski for all level skiers in Canada. It has bent frame, which makes the ski very stable and easy to ski on. F 1 Sprint rollerskis have the best vulcanized rubber wheels on the market. They are very durable, shock absorbing and smooth riding. This rollerski is made in Canada by CWS and exported to Finland.
Canadian National Cross Country Ski Team’s # 1 rollerski (“zero-ski”).

Eagle rollerskis come from Netherlands from one of the biggest rollerski manufacturers in the world. Eagle has a complete range of rollerskis from classic to skating and from adult to junior models.

Elpex rollerskis are made in Sweden. Team 610 has been one of the most popular classic rollerskis. Made in Sweden, Elpex rollerskis are quite expensive, but they have a faithful clientele because of their good quality and smooth ride.

skike on/off road skaters are a new popular phenomena in Europe and other parts of the world, coming to North America. Skike name derives its origin from the words skate and bike. If you love to xc ski skate, but do not like to rollerski, try the skikes. Skikes have excellent break-system. They are light and because of large pneumatic tires they have very smooth ride and you do not need 100% road surface. No need for bindings or special ski boots.

Rex ski poles are designed and engineered in Finland. Rex selection includes high molecular carbon fiber racing poles and high quality recreational poles for Nordic skiing, rollerskiing and skiking.

Tazzari stonegrinding machine RP 23 is recognized as the leading Nordic stonegrinding machine. It is now used exclusively by Cross Country Canada. Wayne Johannsen and his Tazzari RP 23 in Chelsea Quebec is fast becoming the top stonegrinding centre in Eastern Canada.
Tazzari’s computer controlled hot/thermo box id probably the most advanced hot box on the market.

Roeckl Sports has been closely associated with cross-country skiing and biathlon for more than 35 years. We equip top athletes from over 30 national teams and the DSV (German Ski Association). The continual development of our products and our intensive partnerships with athletes feed directly into our product line designed for amateur sports enthusiasts.

FinnWool originates from Finnsheep, a special breed of sheep from Finland. Finnsheep's wool is particularly lustrous, elastic, light and firm. It is very soft - even softer than the merino wool - because Finnsheep has more long and soft under-hair compared to the thicker and stiffer upper hair of other breeds.

The FinnSvala New Dimension ACDC Active Underwear, Windproof Stretch Underwear and Stretch Mesh Underwear have excellent perspiration transport, optimum washability and antibacterial hygiene properties. They are made of very light modified heat-spun polypropylene.

When you wear this underwear you will be set even for the coldest days of winter!

Vauhti produces toques for touring, racing or just “chilling”.

VAUHTI TOQUES are designed and made in Finland by those who themselves are skiers, runners and orienteerers.   National level athletes, who know the importance of a good toque/hat, have tested them.

Vauhti toques and hats are made of the highest quality yarns such as acrylic and FinnWool/merino wool and modified polypropylene.  Synthetic materials are especially suited for hard workouts and racing. Wool is warm and comfortable even when wet. They work especially well in recreational and warm-up toques and in cold weather racing toques.

Vauhti has your head covered..under all conditions.