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By: Canada Listings Online  09-12-2011

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-         Canada Listings Online is a industry/provincial specific e-commerce company which offers your business the edge in a competitive market place.
With some industries represented by a multitude of companies thus creating a information overload to potential customers, Canada Listings Online
simplifies the entire process of getting your company found with our user friendly interface and the most relevant information today.        Expose your company to a world of potential !  You may contact one of our client representatives today . Also save money with ourbundle packages, for more
information go to our .

                                                                                                     Services & Features


  • Company Name inBold Letters
  • List address and contact Information(up to 6 phone, cells, emails, websites, toll-free, fax etc..) and company logo!
  • List your company under 4 categories, and now even more****
  • Experience the Googledifference (All of our categories have a direct Google sponsor link with Canada's #1 search engine)
  • Have the ability to modify your own listing with your company's very own modification key
  • MapQuestlink for driving directions to your place of business
  • Control your listing rank (what page/position it would show up under)****
  • A cost effective solution in comparison to other similar services

PROFILE PAGEListing                                

  • Same great features as the Prioritized Listing but on your own page! (No competition listings or banner ads, just your company page)
  • Your Profile Page shows up seperatley under our search results and even Googlesearch results
  • Add up to 600 characters of text (approximately 5 lines of descriptions of services, products and even promotions)
  • Place up to 6 Images on page
  • Even place video on page****
  • Add 4 customized keywords to your page for easier search results

GoogleKeywords **                                                       (Minimized example below)

  • Have your website show up under the results you want!
  • Choose your company's relevant keywords and we do the rest
  • Choose between 6 month and 1 year durations
  • Show up on the 1st page of results for your selected keywords!
  • Get monthly reports to see your ranking and hits****
  • New! Your company doesn't even need a website. With our Profile Page feature you may also benefit from this service as well.

Web Solutions: Website Design, Development and Maintenance

  • Does your company need website?
  • Make the jump to the digital age with ease!
  • We offer affordable website design, development and maintenance solutions to suit your needs
  • We specialize in HTML, Java Script, Flash, CSS and more! ***
  • Starting as low as 449$ ***

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