By: Café Gourmet Milano  09-12-2011
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Office coffee services

Whether you have large offices or limited counter space, our machines can be customized to fit in your office.

We offer you a vast range of the latest brewing digital technology machines delivering the best quality Espresso based drinks, combined with cost efficient and easy to use functions, optimized for all sizes of offices.

After ordering one of our machines, all you have to do is to enjoy the simple and great gourmet taste of our drinks without the hassle of having to service it.

Our service representatives will regularly perform the following services on your machine:

  • filling
  • cleaning
  • general maintenance

No need to leave your office to get your drink! Choose your favorite drink directly at your workplace!

Choices of Gourmet Milano Drinks

Our machines are computer controlled and any setting can be easily changed. We can control the taste of our drinks to make them stronger, sweeter, hotter, more milk, etc.

Therefore, our gourmet coffee machines are fully customizable and can produce Espresso based drinks or other choices of hot drinks such as:

  • Gourmet Espresso (short or long)
  • Black coffee
  • Black coffee with milk
  • Café latté
  • Cappuccino
  • Mochaccino
  • Hot Chocolate
  • French Vanilla Cappuccino
  • Hazelnut cappuccino
  • Decaffeinated coffee
  • Choices of tea
  • and more.

The secret behind the taste of our finest Espresso drinks

The rich taste of our Espresso based drinks is produced from the way our espresso machines pulverize roasted coffee beans with a grinder. A jet of high temperatures water steam(vapour) is passed through a chamber full of the compacted ground coffee. The steam removes all the aroma and taste of the coffee which are transferred by infusion. This produces a type of very tasty and frothy coffee.

Espresso coffee can have different names depending on the proportion of water, coffee and the time of the process, hence the names “normal Espresso, Short Espresso, Long Espresso and Double Espresso, ..” are given.

Filtered water coolers

Gourmet Milano Coffee provides filtered water cooler machines for your offices. The cooler offers both cold and room tempreture filtered water as well as hot water if required.

Here are some key features of our coolers:

  • Better tasting
  • Filtration system
  • Stainless steel water tank
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Auto filling (Eliminates handling of 18L jugs)
  • Never run out
  • Easy cleaning
  • Reduces cost
  • Hygienic
  • High performance

Pricing options

Gourmet Milano Coffee offers you 3 convenient methods of payment tailored to your needs.

Fixed price per drink:
Our machines can be programmed based on a fixed price per drink according to the consumption level. Each individual pays this price for his own coffee in the workplace. The machine is programmed to accept Canadian coins and provides change as well.

Free Vending:
For employers who wish to offer free coffee to their employees or guests, our machines’ computerized systems will provide you with a total count of what has been consumed every 2 weeks or depending on your requested period of time. This plan provides a great advantage and motivation for your employees since it has been a mean to increase alertness and output in the workplace.

Mixed method:
This method is a combination of the first two methods of payment. The machine will be customized according to the amount you decide to pay for the drink and the balance is paid by the employer.

Request a free trial

GMC gives you the opportunity to experience our professional services, Quality Assurance of our equipment and taste our coffee with no cost or obligation by providing a gourmet coffee machine delivered to your company, office or workplace.

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